HOVERBOARDS with Off-Road Suspension Hoverkarts

Looking to buy HOVERBOARDS with off-road Suspension Hoverkarts? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our amazing premium Hoverkarts with Suspension springs. Suspension Springs made riding a Hoverboard with Hoverkarts even smoother and better on more tough ground. Perfect for the British terrain!

Hoverboards with off-road suspension Hoverkarts

Hoverboards with off-road suspension Hoverkarts are the next big thing when it comes to accessorising your Swegway. Off-Road Hoverboards are a big hit and it is no wonder why. Being the most robust Hoverboard model ever made, these big boys make it a breeze on the tough terrain.

Previously, we have been selling our Original Hoverkarts for sale. However, with the development of this accessory, we bring you the latest Hoverkart with Suspension Springs! The suspension Karts allow riders to hook their Hoverboard on to this Kart and convert their Swegway into a Go-Kart.

It’s the most fun way to enjoy your Hoverboard while adding a whole new dimension to riding a Hoverboard. The Off-Road Hummer Swegway is ideal for those who wish to ride their Hoverboards on terrain that is not so suitable with the smaller 6.5-inch models. This is due to their larger ground clearance and thicker off-road solid rubber tyre tread. Furthermore, the Off-Road Hoverboards have a more robust build and an IP54 water-resistant grading. Although these are not waterproof, they do provide that extra bit of protection that no other model can provide.

Hoverboards with off-road suspension Hoverkarts include a larger and more robust frame and wheel. With an upgrade to the bucket racer seat and dual-frame design, these Hoverkarts are the perfect companion to the Hummer Hoverboards.

Want more information about our Hoverboards with off-road suspension Hoverkarts? If so, please get in touch with our helpful team on 0113 320 2299.

Hoverboards with off-road Suspension Hoverkarts for Sale

Hoverboards with off-road suspension Hoverkart Sale UK

Customers can purchase our Hoverboards with off-road suspension Hoverkarts by simply visiting our online shop. We have a large selection of Hoverboards for sale exclusively as HOVERBOARD PRO. The Off-Road Suspension Hoverkarts for sale is compatible with all our Hoverboards for sale. So regardless of the Swegway size or model you have, these Suspension Karts will complement your ride.

If you’re after something more robust than the brilliant Original Hoverkarts for sale, then you may want to take a look at our Hoverboards with off-road suspension Hoverkarts. All our Suspension Hoverkarts come in BLACK and include everything you need to get going.

The wheels on the Suspension Hoverkart are made from a larger inflatable wheel which creates a smoother ride than the original solid wheel of its predecessor. Furthermore, the dual steel frame bar adds to the robust ability of the Go-Kart. In addition to this, the racing bucket seat provided is made from more robust material and is larger than the Original Hoverkart.

Suspension Springs to either side of the Hoverkart means that riders can enjoy a smoother Go-Karting experience. So grab yourself the latest accessory to the Hoverboard with one of our off-road suspension Hoverkarts for sale TODAY.


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