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HOVERBOARDS official sale

Est. in 2015 at precisely  the time that HOVERBOARDS had been invented, HOVERBOARD PRO has quickly become one of the most trustworthy Hoverboard companies in the UK. There are may reasons why we are a Good Hoverboard Company. However, we already highlight this in our previous article.

In this section, we aim to provide more information relating to the HOVERBOARD. We will do this by offering you a brief history of the HOVERBOARD and how the many other names have come to exist. After this, we will outline some of the various different types of Hoverboards for sale right here at HOVERBOARD PRO.

By the end of this article you can expect to gain knowledge about the following:

  1. A brief history of HOVERBOARDS
  2. The various different type of Hoverboard names
  3. The many type of Hoverboard models and designs available for sale

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Where do HOVERBOARDS come from?

Are you wondering where HOVERBOARDS come from? if so, then this section of our article will help answer the common question.

Where do HOVERBOARDS come from?

All HOVERBOARDS for sale are Made in China. This may come as a surprise to you as many claim that they offer a UK Hoverboard. However, while this may be true especially with us, the actual product is still manufactured in China. This goes for the majority of gadgets around the world. While reputable sellers such as ourselves go above and beyond to ensure that the HOVERBOARD we sell are under UK specification, they are all manufactured in China.

However, while this may be the case, it is entirely up to the HOVERBOARD seller what components they choose and how safe or reliable these components are. Therefore, the origin is not as important as the process involved during the design and manufacturing process.

For this reason, HOVERBOARD PRO are proud to be consistently go the extra mile when it comes to HOVERBOARDS from UK Design. Our dedicated team of engineers carefully handpick and bespoke design each component that inhabits the Hoverboard we sell. We then oversee the entire manufacturing process for quality and assurance purposes.

Each of our Hoverboards undergo independent testing by UK testing stations for safety and reliability certifications. Due to this, HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboards are awarded hundreds of pages of certifications for 100% UK Compliance and safety under British Standards.


Hoverboard Sale, UK Swegway sales

Over the last few years HOVERBOARDS have come a long way. In 2015, these Self-Balancing Scooters took the world by storm. With so many consumers rushing to purchase a Swegway, markets were flooding in selling non compliant Scooters to the general public. Naturally, many customers sought to purchase their Swegways from eBay and Amazon. Unfortunately however, these sites are a source of unsolicited vendors selling knock-off cheap Hoverboards for sale.

Shortly afterwards, by the end of 2015 Swegways and Self-Balancing Scooters were causing safety risks. Reports of Hoverboards catching fire and many Scooters being recalled at the port for posing safety risks. It was at this moment that HOVERBOARD PRO became the UK’s most trustworthy Hoverboard company.

From day one, we were advocating safety on Hoverboards and Swegways for sale. We warn customers against purchasing a Swegway from eBay vendors as they are likely to be drop-shipping from China directly. After many radio and news features, HOVERBOARD PRO took off as the UK’s safest and most reputable company selling UK Compliant Hoverboard to UK Consumers.

It is often refreshing that customers know the history of Hoverboards. This is due to many customers understanding the concern of cheap knock-off Swegways and the safety risks involved in such a product. Therefore, customers who have some background knowledge can make a more informed decision when buying a UK Swegway or Hoverboard for sale.

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Types of Hoverboards for Sale

With so many types of Hoverboards for sale, we want to make it easier for you when deciding on the best Swegway for yourself. Therefore, we will compile a short list below which describes each Self-Balancing Scooter and their key characteristics:

  • 6.5 inch Hoverboards

These Hoverboards are the most common Swegways for sale. They are an established model in the Swegway world and are a refined piece of machinery. With 350w motors and the lightest of all models, they’re great fun! Riders have a choice of two designs. The Classic Hoverboard and the Phoenix HX Range.

  • 8.5″ Hoverboards

The 8.5 inch Hoverboard is also known as the HUMMER Swegways. This is the most robust Hoverboard of all time. It has an IP54 water-resistant casing and thick wide off-road solid tyres. It’s the type of Swegway that will last the test of time and will provide you with so much adrenaline to fuel you throughout the year!

  • 10″ Hoverboards

The 10 inch Hoverboards are the largest of the entire Hoverboard collection. It is also the only Swegway which houses inflatable tyres, offering you the smoothest riding experience. There are a variety of 10 inch Swegways for sale, known as the Mammoth range.

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What are Hoverboards known as?

Believe it or not, Hoverboards are known as Swegways, Self-Balancing Scooters, Smartboards, Segboards and Electric Scooters. The truth is that there is no official name to describe the two-wheeled self-balancing scooter. Therefore, each vendor has their method to describe the product. In our case, we refer to the Self-balancing scooter as either a Swegway or Hoverboard. This is due to the majority of consumers referring to the product in this manner.

In 2015, the Self-balancing scooter was most commonly known as the Swegway. As an established company, HOVERBOARD PRO has kept its name and have since built a strong reputation around our brand. The SWEGWAY name is a coin from the SEGWAY product. However, there absolutely no affiliation to the SEGWAY company. In fact, SEGWAY do not manufacture, design or sell the two-wheeled self-balancing scooter pictured above. HOVERBOARD PRO is the leading seller of UK Compliant genuine Hoverboard for sale.

So whatever name you give this product, be sure that you purchase from a reputable Swegway company. We hope that this article pushes you to understand that concept of the Swegway. We also hope that this page allows you to make a more informed decision when looking to purchase a Hoverboard.

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