Fully Certified Hoverboards UK: Swegway Sale

At HOVERBOARD PRO, each of our Self-Balancing and Electric Scooter products are UK SAFE. We pride ourselves in selling Fully Certified Hoverboards UK, made from the most reliable components in the industry. Purchase a Hoverboard now and take advantage of our UK Swegway Sale!

Are you searching for Certified Hoverboards UK? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. HOVERBOARD PRO is an established company set up in 2015. This year is the year in which Hoverboards and Self-Balancing Scooters first came to existence. Since then, we have come a long way to provide you the best in Fully Certified Hoverboards for Sale.

Not only have our UK Swegways become better, but they have become safer. We are a British company that set itself up solely for the purpose of advocating SAFE, fully certified Hoverboards UK. Therefore, it has always been our mission to provide the UK Consumer with the best in UK Swegways and Hoverboards that meet the highest standards of British Safety.

There are a number of certifications of which Hoverboard retailers can obtain. A list of these certifications can be found here. However, many vendors seem to claim that they are UK Certified when they are truly not. This is due to many Chinese manufacturers providing retailers with their own make-shift certificates. These certificates may have well been awarded at manufacturing level, however, they are Chinese certificates and hold no true value here in the UK.

In order to have Fully Certified Hoverboards UK, vendors must independently have their Hoverboards tested for compliance. Only once they have had been approved under British directives can these certificates be awarded to them. Therefore, when searching for a Swegway, be sure to check what the origin of their certifications.

Would you like to know more information about our fully certified Hoverboards UK? If so, please get in touch on 0113 320 2299. Alternatively customers can use our Live Chat service below.

Fully Certified Hoverboards UK

Fully Certified Hoverboards UK Swegway Sale

Looking for fully certified Hoverboards UK? If so, then you have come to the right shop! We are a UK-based company based right here in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Specialising in genuine UK Hoverboards and Swegways for sale. Each Hoverboard undergoes full UK testing for authentication, reliability and safety purposes. Furthermore, our Swegways are from UK design, meaning that we bespoke build our Hoverboards specifically for the UK market.

Due to this, we are able to guarantee the authenticity of our boards from start to finish. Every UK Swegway customer who purchases a fully certified Hoverboard from HOVERBOARD PRO will include a hologram stick of authenticity. This guarantees that your Hoverboard has undergone our strict testing phase prior to it being delivered to your door.

When buying a Hoverboard from HOVERBOARD PRO, you’ll also get the following added perks:

  1. Next day delivery
  2. 12-month warranty
  3. 24/7 customer service
  4. UK Compliant 100% certified Hoverboards UK
  5. UL cert. chargers
  6. RoHS, MSDS, CE compliant certifications

Would you like to know more information about our Certified Hoverboards UK? If so, please get in touch by calling 0113 320 2299 or use our live chat service below.

Swegway Sale

For a limited time only, HOVERBOARD PRO are reducing their prices even further! Due to our Swegway Sale, prices are being slashed by up to 75% off! Therefore, grab yourself an amazing value Hoverboard at our lowest prices yet before it’s too late.

Buying an authentic, high quality premium Hoverboard for sale has never been easier. HOVERBOARD PRO is the UK’s #1 Hoverboard company. We specialise in selling the UK’s best Hoverboards and Swegways. With our BIG Swegway Sale, you can grab yourself a great value Hoverboard from the UK’s largest retailer.

Do you prefer buying a Hoverboard from an actual shop? If so, then we are here just for you! HOVERBOARD PRO is not just an online retailer of amazing Hoverboards. We also have a physical Hoverboard shop right here in our hometown of Leeds, West Yorkshire! Come visit our Hoverboard Retail Shop and view our latest Self-Balancing Scooters for sale. Hurry, however, as our BIG Swegway Sale is not on for long.

Would you like more information about our UK Swegway Sale? If so, please give us a call on 0113 320 2299 or use the Live Chat service below.

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