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Hydro-Hoverboard Stunt in Ireland

Recently we came across a video of a hydro-not-so-Cheap Hoverboards expert performing a really interesting stunt in Ireland. Watch the video below to see what happens when Guinness meets a hydro-hoverboard.

In an impressive feat of skill, the man picks up the beer from the waiters serving plate and flies away. He performs multiple tricks while drinking the pint, cumulating in an impressive flip. He returns the now empty glass to the waiter safe and sound, only to perform more flips and tricks.

These aren’t cheap Hoverboard! and it’s not our type of Hoverboard either. It’s still a very cool video and trick that we feel fits right in to our ethos of being creative and having fun on your UK Hoverboard.

Obviously you can’t perform flips like this (or get anywhere near water) when using your land-based UK Swegway & Hoverboard, but you can still get inspiration for creating your own tricks and manoeuvres.

In fact, if you have a video of you doing something cool on your UK Hoverboard & Swegway, please send it to us at – we’d love to feature you on our website and social me and show off your tricks and talents!


Cheap Hoverboards

Cheap Hoverboards

And now back to our regularly scheduled Cheap UK Hoverboards programming. As you well know, here at Swegway-Pro we are dedicated to providing the best quality UK Swegways on the market to our loyal customers.

We take our business very seriously, therefore we only select the top quality parts and manufacturing when producing our Hoverboards. This way we can guarantee a safe, high quality product that will bring plenty of fun to you or whoever you’re buying for.

We are UK based, which gives us certain advantages over companies based outside the country. We provide free next day delivery on all of our Hoverboards so you don’t have to wait for your exciting new gadget to come in the post. Swegway-Pro comply with (or exceed) every UK safety guideline with all of our products.

You don’t have to worry about your UK Swegway not being safe like you might have to be concerned about if your Cheap Hoverboards came from a country with fewer safety restrictions. Overall, we are the best choice for any of your Hoverboard needs.

HOVERBOARD-PRO UK are the number 1 choice for providing official premium Swegways at Cheap Hoverboards prices!


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