Splash Design UK Swegway

LIMITED EDITION UK Hoverboard Designs

We’re very excited to announce that we now have new limited edition UK Hoverboard designs in stock! This collection includes four very unique and eye-catching designs that we’ll talk about in detail throughout this article:


Camouflage Design UK Hoverboard

Camouflage Designer UK Hoverboard

Our first limited edition UK Hoverboard Designs is the new camouflage model found here. This pattern is great for anyone who wants to feel a little stealthier or outdoorsy on their Hoverboard. It would be especially perfect for those who like riding their Hoverboard outside and off-road. The camouflage pattern would be a fun addition to make it a little harder to find you, even if you’re not trying to sneak up on forest animals.


Splash Designs UK Swegway

Splash Design UK Swegway

Our second limited edition UK Swegway Design is the SPLASH model. We like this design in particular for it’s eye-catching colours and funky designs. Unlike the camouflage, this is a Swegway designed to be seen. The splash designs white background acts as the perfect canvas to what looks like a Swegway that got a little too close to an abstract artist, and it looks fantastic. The splash design is perfect for anyone who wants a Swegway that is unique and sure to turn heads.


Flame Fire Designer Hoverboard Designs

Flame Fire Designer Hoverboard

Now if you really want something edgy and tough looking, look no further than our Flame Fire Designer Hoverboard. This board is the hottest new thing on the Hoverboard market, if you excuse our pun. Maybe you have a little bit of a pyromaniac side that you want to express with your Hoverboard shell, or maybe you just really like the look of flames. Either way, the Flame Fire Hoverboard sounds like the right one for you.


Graffiti Designer Swegway

Graffiti Designer Swegway

The final design in our series is the Graffiti Designer Swegway. We think that this Swegway is perfect for people who like skate parks and urban areas and want to ride around with a bit of that look. The graffiti style is colourful and bright to create a fun and interesting pattern unlike any other plain Hoverboard. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a solid coloured Hoverboard, but if you really want to be seen then you can’t go wrong with this style.


Take a look at our full range of Hoverboards & Swegways HERE.


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