BLACK iCarbot 4-wheel Electric Scooter Hoverboard sale UK

NEW: iCarbot Hoverboard Scooter UK

The iCarbot Hoverboard scooter from F-Wheel is now for sale in UK. A totally new concept, this Hoverboard is unique. It’s a great product especially for those who would like to try something different, or are not too keen on 2 wheels.

  1. Hoverboard Scooter weight: 12 lbs (5.5 Kg)
  2. Max. carrying load: 264 lbs (120 Kg)
  3. Maximum speed: 7.5 MPH (12 km/h)
  4. Max. distance: ~ 9 miles (15 Km) (plus swappable batteries)
  5. Charge time: 2.5 hours
  6. Max uphill gradient: 15 degrees
  7. Waterproof rating: IP54

iCarbot Hoverboard Scooter Sale UK

So here are the features we like: It’s semi-easy to ride. Just like our other Hoverboards for sale, you simply lean by shifting your bodyweight to cause the Scooter to roll in that direction. Turning can be a little harder to get used to at first since you’re standing on an open platform. There are no sides or pivoting pads like the Hoverboards. However, in no time at all you’ll get the hang of the iCarbot and will be riding it like a pro.

You can connect with your phone via an app. to view stats, tune in controls, firmware updates. You can also use the app to drive the iCarbot around with your phone as a remote control. The slim-portable design can easily fit in to a back-pack. It’s overall clean and minimal design with built-in carrying handle and customisable flashing LED lights make the iCarbot a fashionable gadget.

The tires are non-inflatable so there are no worries on filling up or popping the tyre. The swappable battery-pack design is convenient, allowing you to continue on the go in the event that the battery is low.


iCarbot F-Wheel Hoverboard for Sale UK

For those of whom are not comfortable with the Hoverboards and Swegways for sale, the iCarbot F-Wheel might be just for you. The 4-wheel Electric Hoverboard gives you no hardship when it comes to the balancing on 2 wheels. The 4-wheel Hoverboard design allows you to stand on a flat platform and shift your weight in the same way you would on a Swegway.

The overall design of the iCarbot F-Wheel Hoverboard is minimalistic. Safety has been at the forefront of production for this gadget. The shell is made by magnesium alloy and the case is fire-proof ABS plastic. The iCarbot F-Wheel Hoverboard is also CE Certified, UL certified and MSDS Tested.

You can view more information or buy the iCarbot F-Wheel Hoverboard for sale here.



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