Swegways Best in Great UK Weather

Get UK Swegways Ready: This Weekend Weather Set to Be Sunny!

The weather has been pretty gloomy here in Leeds, Manchester and the rest of England. UK Swegways might not be the best idea while it’s raining outside, unless you have one of our water-resistant Hummer Swegways. The wet and rainy weather hasn’t just spoiled our appetite for outdoor sport here at HOVERBOARD-PRO. It’s also spoiling much of it for Wimbledon Tennis fans. The weather took a turn for the worse at Wimbledon on Tuesday afternoon, with rain delays forcing players and spectators to take cover. In a hilarious video footage, we witnessed one fan in the video below come prepared, pulling out their poncho as the rain forced a delay in play.

Unfortunately, it all went downhill from there…


However, not to worry Swegway fans! The UK is paving way for bright and sunny days ahead. The Met Office already announced a much better day for Wednesday. Furthermore, we’ve had news that this weekend will see temperatures rising again to wonderful summer standard! So, get your Swegways and Hoverboards at the ready. Be prepared to ride along the garden or park and bask in the sun!




Swegways Best in Great UK Weather

Swegways Best in Great UK Weather

We all love sunny weather in the UK. It’s the best time to get out your Swegways and enjoy the exhilarating experiences Hoverboards have to offer with your friends. You know how we Brits’ do. As soon as the sun comes out, our whole outlook on life changes! We smile more, have more fun and everybody’s mood is uplifted.

It’s the age of the internet and everybody is on social media. Due to this, many have become fixated indoors within a virtual reality. Don’t let that happen to you or your child. Instead, get them outside enjoying nature with one of our UK Swegway and Hoverboards for sale. The Hoverboard and Swegway will guarantee hours of fun weeks and weeks on end. In fact, the Swegway has been the number one UK Gadget since 2015. We’ve experienced a rise in Swegways for sale as the Hoverboard trend becomes viral.

If you’re looking for a UK Safe Certified Swegway or Hoverboard for sale then you have come to the right place. HOVERBOARD-PRO is the UK’s #1 Swegway and Hoverboard Company in England. Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, we are the UK’s most trusted Swegway supplier with the safest Swegway boards on the market. Our team of Swegway Specialists are available 24/7 to cater for our customers, making us proud to have the best aftercare service in the country.


Swegways UK & Hoverboards UK

Swegways UK Hoverboards UKHOVERBOARD-PRO offer the best Swegways and Hoverboards in UK. We are revered for having the safest boards in the country. We are fully UK Safe certified, tested and compliant. All our Hoverboards adhere to UK and EU safety guidelines. Every component goes through full MSDS safety testing. Our Swegways UK are CE certified. Our batteries are official genuine Samsung. The chargers are UL Certified with BS1363 fused UK plugs.

We single-handedly test all Swegways and Hoverboards at our service department prior to delivery. We ensure that every Hoverboard we send to our customer achieves the benchmark of quality, safety and reliability before being dispatched for free next day delivery.

You can read more about what these certifications mean in our previous articles here.







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