Off-Road Hummer X-Trail Terrain Hoverboard Swegway for Sale UK

NEW All-Terrain Monster Hummer Swegway for Sale

NEW PRODUCT ALERT: Introducing the ALL-TERRAIN MONSTER HUMMER SWEGWAY for sale UK. This really is the next generation of Hoverboard and a massive step up from any other Swegway. It’s pretty much the G-Wagon of Swegways!

X-Trail All Terrain Hummer Swegway For Sale UK

The All-Terrain Monster X-Trail Hummer Swegway for sale can handle any terrain such as paths, grass, steep inclines, bumpy pavements, dirt tracks, hiking routes, snowy roads (if you fancy a trip to the Alps this coming winter) and even the classic British pot hole.

The Monster X-Trail Hummer Swegway will get you outside in any weather as it’s water resistant making the possibilities endless. It really is the best Segway for sale in the UK right now!

If you’re hitting the beaches of Devon and Cornwall this summer, don’t worry about the English weather as it’s water resistant (but not waterproof). Or even if you’re heading further afield this season, such as a long weekend break to Barcelona or Dubrovnik, taking your very own hoverboard is easy and very particle! It’s the perfect way to get around and see a Historic city quickly and effetely.

To make the Monster X-Trail Hummer Swegway even more practical, exciting and versatile why not add the Premium Hoverkart and turn your Hoverboard Swegway into an all-terrain Go-Kart. Perfect for gliding down mountain terrain dirt tracks through the trees. Put your helmet on (safety first) and go, imagine the adrenaline thrill you would get?! Your not just investing into a premium quality gadget, you’re investing into a lifestyle people will be envious of.


All Terrain Hummer Swegway Specifications

All Terrain X-Trail Hummer Swegway Hoverboard Swegway for Sale UK

The specifications of the brand new All-Terrain water resistant Monster Hummer Swegway speaks for itself. The Monster X-Trail Hoverboard is the worlds strongest Swegway ever to be built and the first one to be sold in the UK. So get ready to Speed down the dirt tracks! The Hummer Swegway can reach speeds of up to 20km per hour with a distance of 20km without charge. With your very own solid outdoor heavy-duty 8.5″ terrain tyres, it will certainly make the commute to work, school or even that cheeky nightly trip to Tesco Extra (we all do it..) a lot more interesting!


Off-Road Swegway for Sale UK

off-road Hummer X-Trail Swegway For Sale UK

With the new Off-Road Swegway you needn’t worry about not having any background noise to make the ride even more enjoyable. With built-in Bluetooth speakers you can just connect your phone, roll with the punches and listen to your own playlists. Thinking about safety? All our products are 100% UK Safe Certified. Our prestigious certificates include full MSDS and CE Certifications. Our UL certified BS1363 fused chargers are British sourced and our batteries are full tested official Samsung cells. It will only take you 2 hours to fully charge your Off-Road X-Trail Hummer Swegway and you can just roll away.

The brand new Off-Road All-Terrain Monster Hummer Swegway is the most advanced and robust piece of technology to come out in UK 2017 and the best Hoverboard ever on sale. Take advantage of the HOVERBOARD-PRO spring sale and save a massive £300 off the RRP. The monster is perfect for expert advanced riders or beginners alike!

If you aren’t to sure about your balancing skills, just add the Training Handle at Checkout for only £24.99 and soon you yourself will be a Pro!

– Written by Christopher Myatt


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