Happy Father’s Day UK Swegway and Hoverboard sale

Make Dad Happy This Father’s Day With a UK Swegway

Traditionally in Thailand the people celebrate the King’s birthday for fathers day. So why not make your own Father feel like a ‘king’ this British Father’s Day on the 18th June with a UK Swegway or Certified Hoverboard? Yes it’s so close! Rather than getting socks, a novelty ‘best dad in the world’ mug/pint glass or even a bottle of whiskey, why not get your father something he has always secretly wanted, a UK Swegway.

Just imagine your father opening up this amazing present on Sunday. Why a UK Swegway? Well why not? What couldn’t be more of an appropriate fathers day gift than a UK Swegway or Hoverboard!  Our quality two-wheeler electric smart board Swegways are self-balancing and will deliver enjoyment and convenience to your father.

All our UK Swegways are equipped with a high powered safe tested Samsung battery to ensure consistent performance and ultimate riding time. Our polished designs offer streamlined, attractive electric motor power boards. Each Swegway and UK Hoverboard has LED light integration, Bluetooth speakers, and UK custom safe certifications. This gives the UK Hoverboard and Swegway a definite edge over other Smart Boards that are often available on uncertified sales websites.

Which UK Hoverboard & Swegway to Buy?

We at HOVERBOARD-PRO offer four very different yet unique Swegway and hoverboard’s for your choosing. The Classic, 8″ Lambo, 10″ Mammoth and the all new All-Terrain Monster Hummer. We also have the super thrilling Electric Skateboard Longboard for sale! AND NOW WITH UP TO 75% OFF OUR SPRING SALE.


Best Father’s Day Gift, a UK Swegway

Best Fathers Day Gift, UK Swegway

The Best Father’s Day Gift has got to be a UK Swegway, Especially if your mum’s moaning that your dad isn’t getting out as much. A Swegway could be a handy fun tool to improve his lifestyle. At HOVERBOARD-PRO we have four perfect British Hoverboards that your dad will love!

The classic limited edition “CAMO” Bluetooth Swegway will let your father release his inner action man!  This one is a real head turner (in a good way). The CAMO finish combined with LED front lights and Bluetooth Speakers make this Swegway for sale an incredibly alluring piece of technology.

Our  8″ Lambo Swegway comes with 8.5 Inch solid tires, giving you a more comfortable and durable ride. The charging time is like the Classic Hoverboards which is only up to 1.5 hour, meaning you can be in and out of your charging station in no time.

These two are perfect for the everyday rides such as commuting around the office. Buy the Classic UK Swegway in our biggest ever sale at a massive discounted price of just £199.99!

The 8” Lambo Hovebroards are just £249.99, Saving you a massive £240. The cheapest UK SEGWAY we’ve ever had them offered at; it’s not to be missed this summer!

– Written by Christopher Myatt


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