MEGATRON Newest Off-Road Hoverboards Sale UK

MEGATRON: Newest Range Off-Road Hoverboards for Sale

Meet the Megatron Swegway, our newest range of Off-Road Hoverboards for sale. The UK’s #1 Hoverboard Swegway company releases a new Off Road Swegway Hoverboard for sale exclusively for the UK Consumer. Buy the best UK Hoverboard Swegway today, only at HOVERBOARD-PRO. All our products include Free Next Day Delivery and 12 Month Warranty!

MEGATRON Newest Off-Road Hoverboards Sale

Our Megatron Swegway is now on sale with up to 75% off its original price! With the HUMMER Off-Road Hoverboard being our most popular and robust Swegway for sale, we bring to you something different.

The MEGATRON Swegway is just as robust and rigid as our Hummer Hoverboard. However, we have added some unique features making the Megatron Swegway even better than its predecessor.

Thanks to its unique design and added features, the newest Megatron Hoverboard for sale is a big hitter. With its large wide solid 8 inch tyres and off-road treading, it’s sure to thrill the rider. The Megatron Swegway is our newest innovation in Hoverboards. As well as it’s upgraded design giving it a more rigid look and feel, we have packed some more punch this time.

The Megatron Swegways self-levelling technology and torch led lights are just the few new features on the Off-Road Hoverboard for sale. At HOVERBOARD-PRO, we have been working extra hard to bring the UK consumer the newest line of products for your enjoyment. Our dedicated team work endlessly to provide you the UK consumer with a SAFE and reliable Swegway with the added robust feature that’s perfect for the winter season.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the best Swegway Hoverboard for sale that is sure to withstand the test of British weather, then look no further.


MEGATRON: Our Newest Hoverboard Swegway

LIGHTNING Megatron Swegway Hoverboard Sale UK

The Megatron Hoverboard is our newest Off-Road design Swegway for sale. In fact, since the release of our Megatron Swegway range, we have had a spike in sales for this particular model. It is no wonder why, however, as we bring you the most robust and thrilling Hoverboard yet.

Furthermore, our latest Megatron Hoverboard for sale packs an even bigger punch than the average Swegway. With built-in Bluetooth speakers, front and back headlights as well as a new improved powerful Torch lighting system, this thing is ahead of its class.

Our newest 2018 technology motherboard and gyroscopes make this Swegway a new and improved board all-round. It’s latest auto-balance feature has been added, giving the rider the much-needed help when starting out. In addition to this, just like the ever-popular original Hummer Swegway, the Megatron has a water-resistant feature. Although not entirely waterproof, the water resistance provides the rider with the extra layer of safety if in the event it starts raining; we know how unpredictable British weather can be!

As with all our Hoverboards for sale, it goes without saying that our Swegway are 100% UK SAFE. Our team have worked hard to attain certifications that guarantee the safety of our boards throughout all our range of Swegways.

Our MEGATRON Swegways start at just £309.99, inclusive of FREE next day delivery and 12 month warranty. Don’t let the countdown clock beat you this time. With up to 75% off our original prices, you’d be mad to let the BIG SALE pass you by!

Want more information about our newest range of products, including the MEGATRON Off Road Hoverboard? Simply contact us on 0113 320 2299 to speak to a dedicated member of our team. Alternatively, use the Live Chat service at the bottom right corner of this page.


Newest Hoverboard Bundles for Sale

BLUE Megatron Off Road Swegway Hoverboard Hoverkart Bundle Sale

Have you seen our newest range of Hoverboard bundles for sale? If you think that our BIG SALE was good enough, then feast your eyes on the latest Bundle packages on sale!

HOVERBOARD-PRO have the widest range of UK SAFE Hoverboards for sale, along with the widest deals available to buy. Customers can take advantage of our Bundle packages both online and in-store. Buy a bundle which includes a Hoverkart and Bag and save yourself even more money!

For a limited time only, we’re giving away FREE Premium Hoverkart upgrades on all our MEGATRON and Mammoth V2 Bundles! Instead of the Original Hoverkart, we’re upgrading our Bundle customers with the more refined and robust PREMIUM Hoverkart without any extra cost.

Buy a Hoverboard and Hoverkart Bundle for sale TODAY and take advantage of our best prices ever. HOVERBOARD-PRO has been established since 2015 offering UK SAFE Hoverboards for sale. Since then, we have been working very hard to ensure that every Hoverboard sent to our valuable customer is checked for quality, safety and reliability. For this reason, our customers can be rest assured that when they buy a Hoverboard from HOVERBOARD-PRO, they’re buying a quality product at the best price.



HOVERBOARD-PRO is a UK-Based company. All our Hoverboards are 100% from UK STOCK. In fact, we do not sell Swegway to anywhere else. With our large presence both online and retail stores in the UK, we are one of the largest UK Hoverboard companies. Our commitment to providing consistent good customer service and reliable Swegways provides the customer with peace of mind when buying either online or in-store.

For more information about HOVERBOARD-PRO and our newest line of Hoverboards for sale, contact us on 0113 320 2299. Alternatively, customers can use the Live Chat feature at bottom right section of this screen.


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