Best Hoverboard Deal Swegway Hoverkart Bundle Deal Sale

BEST HOVERBOARD DEAL: FREE Premium Kart Upgrade on ALL Bundles!

For a limited time only and as part of our Deal of The Week, HOVERBOARD-PRO are announcing the best Hoverboard deal so far! With every Swegway Bundle, we’re giving away FREE Premium Hoverkart Upgrades on EVERY Hoverkart Bundle for sale. BUY NOW to get the best deal from the UK’s #1 trustworthy Hoverboard company!

Best Hoverboard Deal Swegway Hoverkart Bundle Deal Sale

This week, HOVERBOARD-PRO are giving away free Hoverkart upgrades on each Swegway and Kart bundles for sale. Therefore, when customers buy one of our best Hoverboard bundles, they’ll also receive the PREMIUM Hoverkart. The Premium Hoverkart upgrade will be offered to you at no extra cost!

Take advantage of this weeks BIG SAVING and buy the best Hoverboard and Kart bundles ever. Both in-store and online, HOVERBOARD-PRO is one of the largest and most established Hoverboard companies in the UK. From our hometown of Leeds, West Yorkshire, we have expanded massively to cater to every customer nationwide.

If you thought our Original Hoverkarts were great, then take a look at our Premium Hoverkart. We’ve just announced the Best Hoverboard Deal so far when it comes to our bundle offers and deals. Don’t let the countdown clock beat you this time; BUY NOW to avoid disappointment!


Best Hoverboard Deal: Hoverboard & Hoverkart Sale

Best Hoverboard Deal Hoverboard Hoverkart Sale

HOVERBOARD-PRO are proud to announce the latest Best Hoverboard Deal ever! Our Hoverboard and Hoverkart Sale now includes even better value. We’re making our bundles even better at no extra cost to you. Due to our Deal of the Week initiative, we’re offering FREE Premium Hoverkart upgrades instead of the original hoverkart previously on offer. Not only are our Hoverboards at the best prices they have ever been, our Bundles are even better!

Furthermore, in addition to all our latest offers and the best Hoverboard deals online and in-store, we’re still providing our customers with two very important inclusive deals: for every Swegway Hoverboard purchased from HOVERBOARD-PRO, customers will get FREE next day delivery and 12-month warranty.

Therefore, should in the unlikely event something may go faulty due to wear and tear, we’ll have it repaired quickly and efficiently, with parts and labour costs covered by ourselves. This further emphasises the point that we are very confident with our product. in fact, HOVERBOARD-PRO is revered as having the Best Hoverboards in the UK.


Best Hoverboard Sale UK

UK Swegways 2018 best Hoverboards sale

HOVERBOARD-PRO is the UK’s #1 provider of the most reliable Swegways in the industry. Not only do we offer the best Hoverboard Sale across the UK, but our Smart Boards are designed specifically for the UK Market. Therefore, customers can be rest assured that our Hoverboards for sale have undergone strict UK compliance and have been awarded all the certifications necessary for 100% UK SAFE Boards.

Furthermore, we design out boards the UK before manufacturing. Each individual component has been carefully selected to ensure reliability, safety, and optimal performance throughout. Due to this, we can be confident in providing our UK consumers with authentic HOVERBOARD-PRO Hoverboards.

If you’re looking for a UK SAFE certified Hoverboard for sale then look no further. HOVERBOARD-PRO has always been the advocates of SAFE Hoverboards since 2015. In fact, HOVERBOARD-PRO has built its reputation on the foundation of advocating UK SAFE Hoverboards and has since features on Radio stations in London, Leeds as well as on Yahoo! Finance.

There is no secret as to why HOVERBOARD-PRO is now the UK’s #1 Trustworthy Hoverboard company. Our ethos is simple. We provide the best Hoverboard deals from the most reliable Swegways for sale. We then provide our customers with exceptional customer service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To know more about our Best Hoverboard Deals or to buy a Hoverboard for sale, why not get in touch? You can call us on 0113 320 2299 or use our Live Chat service at the bottom right corner of this page. Alternatively, customers can fill in our Contact Form Here.



Hoverboard Swegway Shop

Are you the type of person that prefers to buy a Hoverboard from an actual physical Hoverboard shop and retail store? Then we’re waiting for you! HOVERBOARD-PRO is not just an online shop. We have a physical retail shop based in our hometown of Leeds, West Yorkshire. Why not pop in to our shop and say hello?

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