Off Road Hoverboard Swegway UK

OFF ROAD Swegway Hoverboard UK SALE

Our exclusive Off Road Swegway Hoverboard UK is now on Sale! The All-Terrain Hoverboard for sale is the most robust Swegway of all time. Due to our final reductions and countdown offers, you can grab yourself the best in Off Road All-Terrain Swegways from as little as £299.99!

Off Road Swegway Hoverboard UK All Terrain Sale

The NEW All-Terrain Off Road Swegway Hoverboard for sale is built to last. With its unique, chunky and aesthetic design, we bring to you the HUMMER Swegway. The HUMMER Smart Balancing Scooter is our pride and joy. If you’re looking for an all-rounder of a Swegway, then the HUMMER Hoverboard is just the one.

With its chunky and wide off-road hard-wearing solid rubber 8.5″ tyres and strong alloy wheels, it can handle almost any terrain. Take off on grass, gravel, sandy surfaces without trouble. Beat your friends at a Hoverboard race with this beast of a board. The grooves on this particular Hummer Off Road wheel make for a more durable ride.

Furthermore, the overall build of the HUMMER Off Road Swegway Hoverboard is make of a stronger and more durable material. We have engineered the HUMMER Off Road Swegway to last longer under more harsh conditions than the smaller Classic Swegways.

This article will break down some of the best features in the HUMMER Off-Road All-Terrain Swegway and Hoverboard for sale:


Off Road Swegway Hoverboard for Sale

HUMMER Off-Road Swegway Hoverboard Sale UK

The Off Road Swegway Hoverboard for Sale is our most robust and finely engineered Balance Board of our time. Due to its unique 8.5 inch chunky solid tyres and alloy frame, the Hummer Swegway can easily handle tough terrain. For as little as £299.99, FREE next day delivery and 12-month warranty, you would be crazy to let this deal pass!

Here is a short list of all the best features the All-Terrain Off Road Swegway Hoverboard has to offer:

  • BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS: The Off Road Swegway Hoverboard comes fully equipped with our state-of-the-art built-in Bluetooth Speakers. Riders can pair their bluetooth phone or tablet device with the Hummer Swegway and play music directly from the board itself.
  • Solid Heavy-Duty 8.5″ Tyres: Due to this, the HUMMER Swegway can handle a much tougher terrain than the other Classic Hoverboards. The chunkier wheel enables the rider to take on the unstable terrain than the small board don’t have a chance on. The Alloy frame allows the board to take on a more harsh riding style than its counterparts.
  • Headlights & Break Lights: The Off Road Swegway Hoverboard comes with two styles of lights. On one side, the front LED lights light up while the board is in use. On the rear side however, the board has two additional red lights to alert passers-by. Both lights function as the user is riding the board.
  • Build with the latest technology: The Off Road Swegway Hoverboard is built with the latest 2017 technology, motherboard and gyroscopes. For example, the HUMMER Swegway comes equipped with the most reliable PCB boards. Furthermore, our wheels have the upgraded 2x 350w motors allowing for a greater all-round riding experience.


All-Terrain Off Road Swegways & Hoverboards

All-Terrain Off Road Swegways & Hoverboards

The All-Terrain Off Road Swegways and Hoverboards are one of our most popular Smart Balance Boards for sale. Let’s continue breaking down some of the best features the Hummer Swegway has:

  • Regenerative Breaking: Most vehicles waste a lot of kinetic energy when breaking. However, HOVERBOARD-PRO have engineered our Hummer Swegways to overcome this. Similar to electric vehicle giants Toyota Prius and Tesla, our All-Terrain Off Road Swegway and Hoverboard recapture the vehicle energy and convert it in to electricity so that it can be used to recharge the battery. This function allows for a more optimal battery performance.
  • Water Resistant: Please note that the water resistance within the HUMMER Hoverboard does not mean it is waterproof. The All-Terrain Hummer Swegway is built-in such a way to provide minimal water resistance. Unlike the Classic Swegways, the Hummer has a special partition between the wheel arch and the inner components of the board. Although we do not recommend riding your board in any wet conditions, it does provide it with that little extra protection.
  • Rapid Charging: The Off Road Swegway Hoverboard for sale is equipped with the highest quality Original Samsung Battery. Furthermore, our UL charging adapters and BS1363 fuse plugs allow for super-speed charging. From the moment your All-Terrain Hummer Swegway requires charging, the to moment it is fully charged takes no longer than 3 hours. We recommend that you charge the Swegway for no longer than 2 hours for optimal battery performance and preservation.


Quality Hummer Hoverboards & Swegways

Off-Road Terrain X-Trail Hummer Swegway Hoverboard Swegway Sale UK

If you’re looking to buy the best quality Hummer Hoverboards and Swegway then you have come to the right place. HOVERBOARD-PRO are proud to be one of the UK’s #1 Trustworthy Hoverboard and Swegway specialist. Based right here in our hometown of Leeds, West Yorkshire, we have grown to be a major Swegway seller throughout the UK. Our final point is an important part of the Off Road Swegway Hoverboard, so we’re giving it a section of its own:

  • Obtained Full UK SAFE Certifications: The All-Terrain Hummer Hoverboard has obtained the best safety certificates to date. Due to this, the X-Trail Swegway guarantees 100% safety and reliability in all aspects of the board. All our Hoverboards are 100% UK SAFE approved. With certifications including CE, FCC, U N38.3, RoHS and UL reports, you can be safe with the peace of mind that you are buying the safest boards in the UK.

Furthermore, HOVERBOARD-PRO is a UK-based company with centres throughout Great Britain. Our HQ is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Our fulfilment centre is in Essex and our next day delivery service spans throughout the whole of UK Mainland. We often have requests to delivery Hoverboards outside of the UK. We understand that at times it is difficult to source a good quality, premium Hoverboard. So it makes sense. We also offer our Hoverboards outside of the UK, however, there may be an additional delivery fee. All you need to do is proceeded to the checkout, enter your address and your delivery fee will calculate according to your address. Simple as that!


Swegway Superstore & Hoverboard Retail Shop

Hoverboard Swegway Shop Leeds, UK

HOVERBOARD-PRO are proud to announce the long-anticipated arrival of our first UK Swegway Superstore and Hoverboard Retail Shop! Opening this October, our Swegway Retail Store will allow all customers to pop in to our shop in person. Whether you prefer buying a Hoverboard face-to-face or you want your Swegway or Hoverboard repair, we have you covered.

For more information about our store or for advice and guidance, feel free to get in touch. Our Swegway specialists are on-call 24/7 ready to take your call. We also have an online chat functionality (at the bottom right corner of this page) should you wish to chat to us. Whatever the reason, customers can contact us through any of the following methods:

  1. You can call us on 0113 320 2299. Our lines are open 24/7, 365 days a week. You’ll come straight through to one of our Swegway Hoverboard specialists. For all the help and advice you need, we have you covered.
  2. Use our contact form by clicking here. A member of our team will get back to you right away!
  3. e-mail us:
  4. Use the online chat. You can speak to a member of our team directly via our online chat. Simply click the red button on the bottom right of this window and a member will be alerted. Everyone you speak to is based here at our HQ in Leeds, West Yorkshire.


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