Matte-Black RGB LED Hoverboard Sale

Mysterious Matte-Black RGB LED Hoverboard for Sale

The Mysterious Matte-Black RGB LED Hoverboard for Sale is a one of a kind. This Limited edition Matte-Black effect Swegway is a real head turner and is ON SALE NOW.

Matte-Black Hoverboard for Sale

There is something quite beautiful about the Matte-Black RGB LED Hoverboard. It’s unique, elegant, mysterious and mean-looking. It is quite simply breathtaking in its own right. However way you see this Matte-Black Swegway, it will guarantee to turn heads.

One of the things that is strikingly noticeable about this Bluetooth Hoverboard is it’s RGB LED Disco lights around the wheelbase. This Reg, Green, Blue flashing disco light effect flashes gracefully as the user rides on the Smart Board. Furthermore, there is no other board than the Matte-Black RGB LED Hoverboard more suited for the RGB lighting effect. The flashing lights gives the Swegway an even more powerful look. We love this beautiful board and we’re pretty sure you will love it too.

You can get your hand on this limited edition Matte-Black RGB LED Hoverboard for sale from as little as £239.99. With free next day delivery and 12-month warranty, you will be mad to miss out! Take advantage of our BIG SUMMER SALE with final reductions on the best Hoverboards and Swegways for sale.


Matte-Black RGB LED Hoverboard

Matte-Black RGB LED Hoverboard Sale

The Matte-Black RGB LED Hoverboard for sale is in a class of its own. With its striking appearance yet mysterious feel, this Swegway is a model not to miss. In this article, we will dissect the Swegway in to its functional parts in order for us to best explain the true beauty of this particular Swegway.

  1. The Matte-Black RGB LED Hoverboard has achieved full UK SAFE certifications. Our Swegways are 100% from UK Stock, designed in Great Britain before manufacturing. All our components are MSDS and CE certified and our UL certified chargers come with UK BS1363 fused plugs. Each battery is made from certified genuine Samsung cells. Therefore, If you’re looking for a 100% UK SAFE Hoverboard for sale then you have come to the right place.
  2. The RGB LED Disco Lights around the wheelbase are exclusive to HOVERBOARD-PRO and guarantee to turn heads. In addition to the standard blue LED Lights at the front of the Swegway, the RGB LED lights around the wheelbase give this Smart Board a real edge. Whizz about on the Hoverboard and make your friends jealous with this unique and exclusive model.
  3. The Matte-Black RGB LED Hoverboard has upgraded motors. With 2x 350w motors, the Matte-Black Swegway for sale is a more powerful and reliable model. Inside the hard-wearing 6.5″ wheels houses the 350w motors. All our Swegways for sale are now better, smoother and more enjoyable ride.
  4. FREE next day delivery and 12-month warranty! That’s right, all our prices include next day delivery as well as 12-month warranty. Therefore, customers have the peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong with their board, then we will cover it under our 12-month warranty service.


Swegway Hoverboard UK

HOVERBOARD-PRO is the people’s favourite Swegway Hoverboard Store UK. We exist today to provide the people of Great Britain (and beyond) with SAFE BOARDS. From our hometown of Leeds, West Yorkshire, we have grown to be one of the biggest Swegway Superstores in the UK.

Since then, we have been serving our UK Consumers with the best in UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale. We have since expanded our fulfilment centres to additional strategic locations in order to provide the best and most efficient service to our customers. Therefore, our customers can experience the best customer service and lead-times in England. Due to this, we are confident that no other Swegway Shop or Hoverboard Retail Store offers a like-for-like service. We are a company that are proud to have an unmatched product to go along with our unmatched level of service.

HOVERBOARD-PRO are proud to announce that we are soon to open a brand new SWEGWAY SHOP and Hoverboard Superstore! That’s right, customers will soon be able to pop down to our Swegway Store and buy a Hoverboard in person. Furthermore, customers will soon be able to get their Swegway or Hoverboard Repair service completed while they wait!

Our Hoverboard Superstore and Swegway Retail Shop is due to open from 1st October. So watch this space as we establish the very first Swegway Retail Store in Leeds, UK.


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