OFFICIAL UK SWEGWAY & Balance Board Provider

We’re the official UK Swegway and Balance Board Provider!

If you want the best deals on high-quality UK Swegways then you have come to the right place! Our determination to provide friendly and reliable customer service and quality UK products are just some of the reasons we’re the UK’s top supplier of official hoverboards in the UK!

Official UK Swegway

From our base in Leeds we focus on Quality, Dependability, Customer Service and Peace of Mind. All our products are designed and built in the UK and have been created especially for the UK environment, from safety and certification to ensuring their tough enough to withstand the UK terrain. Our company was founded with the goal to provide official UK Swegways that meet the needs of the UK customer and UK values. See our ONLINE STORE and get UK Hoverboards and UK Balance Boards that meet UK standards!




All our products are UK tested and inspected by members of our team before they are delivered to you, and with NEXT DAY UK DELIVERY you can have no worries about our product reaching you in excellent time and condition.

Our staff are all based in the UK and dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and product quality 24 hours a day! And with UK sourced electronics such as chargers, fuses and plug sockets you can trust that our products are safe and reliable, each one is fully certified, CE marked and MSDS inspected. Basically, you can enjoy your official UK Swegway without any worries about the quality of our product or services, see our ONLINE STORE for full details on why we’re the UK’s Number 1 Hoverboard seller!




Don’t think you’re on your own once the product is delivered to you, we pride ourselves on having a great reputation among our customers for continued support and advice long after we provide them with the product.

All our products have a one year warranty, with a six-month warranty on the Samsung Battery that powers it. This means that we will repair or replace the product should anything happen to it. See our AFTERCARE SERVICES page to read more about the warranty.

Your official UK Swegway needs more than just power, and our website is full of tips on how to care for and make the most of your UK Balance Board or UK Hoverboard. Our FAQ’s page, which you can access HERE can answer any questions you may have about caring for and enjoying your UK Swegway, we even have a dedicated YouTube page that shows you how to use your Swegway and get the most out of it. To see the official UK Swegways that the UK’s No.1 Provider of British Hoverboards & Balance Boards have on offer, take a look at our ONLINE STORE!!

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