Original British Hoverboards from UK Stock

Hoverboards have taken the UK (and the world) by storm; becoming one of hottest products of 2016, more and more people are now looking to purchase a UK Hoverboard.

Original Hoverbaords from UK Stock

When it comes to choosing the right product from the right supplier, you need look no further than Swegway Pro UK. We are a UK based company that is dedicated to providing high quality, premium hoverboards and Swegways to customers in the UK. Our stock is held locally in order to give our customers the bonus of free next day UK delivery.


This year we’ve delivered top-of-the-range products to countless happy customers across the UK; if you’re after a company you can trust, shop now at Swegway Pro UK!


The No. 1 UK Hoverboard Supplier

The UK’s no. 1 Hoverboard supplier

Here at Swegway Pro UK, we’re committed to providing the UK with premium Hoverboards at a great price. As well as this, we want all of our customers to have a simple and hassle free purchasing experience.


It’s our focus on the customer that makes Swegway Pro UK the no.1 British Hoverboard and Swegway supplier. We make sure every single one of our products is safe and appropriately tested; we even offer a 12-month warranty on all of our products. We only provide the best quality Hoverboards at Swegway Pro UK, and are confident in everything we sell.


There really is no better choice than Swegway Pro UK if you’re after the best deal on a UK Hoverboard; you can start shopping now and enjoy our free next day delivery whilst stocks last!


Premium UK Swegways Delivered To Your Doorstep!

Premium UK Swegways Delivered To Your Doorstep!

With the year almost at an end, many of us will be asking ourselves if we made the most out of 2016. There’s still time to get your hands on THE hottest product of 2016 – the UK Swegway!


Swegway Pro is the no.1 supplier of British Swegways and Hoverboards; we hold a proven track record of premium products and exceptional after-sales service. Whether you’re buying your first very own Swegway or even looking for the perfect Christmas gift, our range of products on our online store will have something perfect for you!


All of our stock is held in the UK so we can thoroughly test each Swegway and Hoverboard in terms of safety and quality; even more, it lets us deliver to you the next working day – free of charge! So don’t miss your chance to get a premium UK Hoverboard delivered to your door at an amazing price.


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Original British Hoverboards:

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