Protective Silicone Swegway Skins for Sale

Protective Silicone Swegway Skins for Sale

Introducing our newest line of Hoverboard accessories at HOVERBOARD-PRO. Take a look at our range of Protective Silicone Swegway Skins for Sale right here!

Silicone Rubber Protective Swegway Skins Case for sale

Due to popular demand, we have now released our newest Hoverboard accessories. The Silicone Protective Swegway Skins protects your UK Swegway from scratched and damage. Have you recently purchased a UK Hoverboard and are worrying that your pride and joy might be scratched or damaged anytime soon? If so, then the Protective Silicone Hoverboard Skins are just the thing for you.

Our beloved customers can now protect their Swegway asset by simply sliding across the rubber casing across each end of the wheels. The fully protective rubber skins will cover 90% of your Swegway and therefore provide 360º protection from bumps and scuffs.

When you buy one of our UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale, why not add one of our Protective Silicon Rubber Skins for as little as £19.99 and protect your Hoverboard from all future damage.


Protective Rubber Casing for Hoverboard Sale

Silicone Rubber Protective Swegway Skin Case

Our high quality protective rubber casing for your Hoverboard is now on sale. Take advantage of this months Summer Sale and get free UK delivery. Our Rubber Swegway cases come in various colours and designs, including:


However, if you’re after a particular colour for you Rubber Protective Swegway Casing then please contact us. We have some of the largest selection of Rubber Cases for sale.

With up to 75% off this Flash Summer Sale, you can grab yourself a Classic Hoverboard or Swegway for as little as £184.99 with free next day delivery, 1-year warranty and a Rubber Skin for as little as £19.99.


Rubber Swegway Skins for Sale UK

Orange Black Silicone Rubber Protective Swegway Skin Case

Our Premium high quality Rubber Swegway Skins are on sale at HOVERBOARD-PRO UK. Not only do these rubber skins provide your Hoverboard with full protection from scratches and scuff, but the cool designs give your Hoverboard with an extra edge.

Make your friends jealous this summer with our latest camouflage designs. Guaranteed to turn heads, you’ll get the best of both worlds: protection and design.

As with everything we do at HOVERBOARD-PRO UK, our Rubber Protective Skins or Swegways are from 100% UK Stock. That means that we’ve ensured that they have passed our rigorous safety, quality and rigidity tests before they go on sale. Buying a Swegway or Hoverboard from us gives our UK customers the peace of mind that no other Swegway Seller can offer.

Join the Swegway Family this summer and buy yourself our state of the art Protective Rubber Silicone Skins for sale!


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