Swegways for Sale in London UK

Swegways for Sale in London, UK

If you’re looking to buy UK Swegways for Sale in London, you’ve come to the best place. HOVERBOARD-PRO UK sell only the best official UK Safe Certified Hoverboards with FREE next day delivery. In and around London, there is no other Hoverboard and Swegway supplier based in London offering peace of mind like we do.

The last time we visited London, we had so much fun. Recall back in 2015 when it was decided that Hoverboards and Swegways would be banned on the streets of England. Unless of course you had a licence and insurance for it! But we wasn’t convinced that the police cared so much. A group of people decided that they would ride their Swegways in London and often in the presence of Police officers. Although we never condone such behaviour, we found it fascinating nonetheless. This is when the following video below was born:


Hoverboards for Sale in London, UK

The HOVERBOARD-PRO team were so excited to come back to London, as usual. Visiting London never gets old, especially coming from up North in Leeds, West Yorkshire, which is tiny in comparison to the capital of England.

We’re very proud to be providing our wonderful customers Swegways & Hoverboards for sale in London. Something special about London and its people. For starters, we’re always fascinated by the amount of talent throughout this big city. From singers to dancers and from buskers to comedians. London does not fall short of talent. One of the most strikingly noticeable thing about London is that there are people from all walks of life roaming the city. It reminded us a little but of our Hoverboards. People in the city looking for a Hoverboards for sale in London often have their own preference of Swegway models and colours. It is no surprise that the variety of Swegway customers from London do not have a particular preference. We could never pinpoint a London customers preference of Hoverboards for sale.

This is because London is vibrant and different in its’ own right. It is big and beautiful and unapologetically different. We could see our own business at Swegway-Pro encompassing everything that London has to offer. Our Swegways for sale in London are from 100% UK Stock. We have the widest variety of designs and colours, as well as models.


Swegways & Hoverboards for Sale London

HOVERBOARD-PRO UK are proud to be the #1 seller of Swegways and Hoverboards for sale in London and the rest of the united Kingdom. We stock the best Swegways the UK has to offer.

Swegways and Hoverboards for Sale London UK

While in London, we decided to be tourists in our own right. Coming from Leeds, West Yorkshire, we don’t often get the opportunity to visit London as much as we’d like to. So we packed our bags and along with our UK Swegway team, we took on the streets of London.

According to VisitLondon, Regent Street – which crosses Oxford Street and Oxford Circus – as well as Bond Street, Covent Garden, Kings Road, Knightsbridge and Westfield are the best places to visit when shopping. We wanted to see if Swegways were available at the high streets of London. On this journey, we couldn’t believe how bustling the shopping areas were! So many people were on the high streets in search for something to buy, shopping for the latest designer wear, or the best gadget.

It’s a testament of just how booming the London scene is. Londoners are full of energy and when it comes to shopping, they’re not messing about. The Designer Swegways for sale in London are the most popular amongst our customers here in this big city. It came as no surprise that designer outlets and stores are big business here. From Burberry to Gucci to the world-famous Harrods store (which by the way, Swegways are for sale here).


Cheap Swegways for Sale London UK

Cheapest Hoverboard Swegway Sale UK

HOVERBOARD-PRO currently have a UK SUMMER SALE offering the best Cheap Swegways for Sale in London and the rest of UK. This Summer, prepare yourself for up to 75% off our Hoverboards and Swegways for sale.

Our Swegway team were very excited to visit Harrods on Brompton Road during our journey. We love going there because although nothing is cheap, it’s a lot like going to the museum. No doubt probably the biggest window shoppers in the building – sorry not sorry!

On our way to the toy store area of Harrods, we noticed that they were selling the official Segway – which is far too expensive for us – although is definitely fun to ride. If you’ve never done a Swegway tour before then we recommend you do! Once we arrived, we found two types of Swegways and Hoverboards for sale at the London Harrods. Firstly, the Hovertrax board for sale was for an astonishing £449. Our Hoverboards for sale in London and the rest of England are currently on Sale and 75% off this summer.

You can buy  Swegway for as little as £184.99 with free next day delivery and 1-year warranty. Furthermore, our Hoverboards are fully UK Safe Certified and Compliant with all British and EU safety standards. We have all the prestigious safety certifications that guarantee the safety of our boards. Making us proud to be one of the only UK Swegway Companies offering the best Swegways in the UK.


Cheap Hoverboard Sale London, UK

If you’re based in the big city and looking for a cheap Hoverboard for sale in London or the rest of the UK, then look no further. Cheap doesn’t have to be bad quality. In 2015, we established ourselves with the idea of providing the UK consumer with a UK product, designed specifically for British customers.

This means that all our Hoverboards for sale are from 100% UK Stock. Furthermore, each board is MSDS tested, CE Certified, UL Certified. Our batteries are original official Samsung battery cells. All of our boards guarantee 100% safety and our testament to this is our 12-month warranty service, free with every Hoverboard sold.

Although we have a 75% summer sale this month making our boards cheap, we still maintain the best in Swegway quality. The Boards sold before our Summer Sale for £379.99 are the same boards we currently sell for £184.99. All prices are set to increase again to their original retail value as we edge closer to Christmas time, so hurry and grab yourself  bargain before this sale ends!

No matter where you are in England, be sure to get yourself an official UK Swegway or Hoverboard this year form the #1 Hoverboard seller. We are the original Swegway company, established in 2015. Revered as one of the best in customer service and most reliable Swegways in the UK. Don’t be fooled by cheap Swegways flooding the market, as you could be putting your loved ones are risk, or be left with a board that’ll need repairing.


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