FLASH SALE: 8-inch Lambo UK Swegways CHEAPEST EVER

FLASH SALE: 8-inch Lambo Swegways Now CHEAPEST EVER

Our 8-inch Lambo Swegways for sale are now the CHEAPEST they’ve ever been at HOVERBOARD-PRO UK.

Ever wanted a UK Hoverboard and Swegway, but you’ve always thought they were a little too expensive? Well now is your time, now is your chance! With HOVERBOARD-PRO’s flash sale, all Smart Boards are up to 75% off during our Spring Sale. The UK 8″ Lambo Swegway has never been cheaper.

8-inch Lambo cheapest Swegways for sale

HOVERBOARD-PRO UK’s cheapest Lambo Hoverboard for sale comes with 8.5 Inch solid tires, giving you a more comfortable and durable ride. charging time is like the Classic, which is only one hour, meaning you can be in and out of your charging station in one hour! But unlike our Classic Swegway, the LAMBO design comes packed with all the added extras including marquee lights around the wheelbase of the Swegway and Bluetooth speakers! one of the lightest in our Swegway ranges, weighing in at only 13KG. The cheap yet premium quality 8″ Lambo is light to carry and light for the bank balance, it’s the cheapest ever! Saving a massive £240!


UK Cheapest 8 inch Lambo Swegway Sale

Cheapest Swegways & Hoverboards UK Swegway

Just Imagine cruising around the park with your very own Swegway? better yet, knowing you’ve saved a small fortune with our UK’s cheapest Lambo Sale. Let me paint the picture for you: as we’re in the Middle of June, the British summer is only just beginning so isn’t this perfect time to invest in a fun, cool and practical gadget.

You’ve only got two and half months left of the summer (sorry, very depressing thought) so why not make the most of it, get out in the sun and go for a ride in some of Britons most beautiful parks. The 8″ Lambo Swegway for sale comes with Bluetooth as standard. Users can connect their phone and play their own music while cruising along.

With HOVERBOARD-PRO’s flash sale of up to 75% Off during our Spring Sale, you have four brilliant and unique colours to choose from: RED, CROME-PINK, HOT PINK, BABY PINK, all at just £249.99, saving a massive £240!

Your hoverboard comes with a free Bluetooth upgrade and we’ll also throw in a free bag too, adding the edge to your brand new UK Hoverboard. Ever thought about getting ‘His and Hers’ Swegways? Add a edge to your relationship with a UK Swegway where both of you will enjoy hours of fun! But remember, our flash sale is for a limited time only and whilst stocks last!


CHEAPEST UK Hoverboard Deals: Swegway & Kart Bundle

Cheapest Hoverboard deal, UK Swegway and Kart bundle, Hoverkart

Take a look at our cheapest UK Hoverboard deals with our Swegway & Kart Bundles. You’ve always wanted a Go-Kart, but you’re looking for something which is a little bit more practical and for everyday use? Well, HOVERBOARD-PRO UK may have the answer and just the solution to your searching. Have you thought about Combining a Classic UK Swegway and Kart together? Introducing the Hoverkart! Simply  Attach your ‘Kart’ to your Classic Hoverboard and away you go. Twice as fun as just purchasing the classic Hoverboard, you instantly change the enjoyment and versatility of the Our Classic Swegway and turn it into a Go-Kart.

With MSDS testing, CE Certifications and genuine Samsung batteries, you can trust HOVERBOARD-PRO UK  in offering you the safest Swegways in the UK with maximum fun! We’re offering all this with up to 75% off, which is the cheapest this product has ever been!

The Kart itself has a comfortable carbon racer seat (releasing your inner racer), an easy Swegway sensor locking system and a strong single bar design, giving you hours of enjoyment.

Just like our 8″ Lambo Boards, you can take advantage of HOVERBOARD-PRO UK’s 75% off spring sale with the Classic Swegway and Hoverkart Bundle. Now the cheapest it’s ever been costing only £249.99, saving you a massive £250 and while stocks last!


UK SWEGWAY SALE:  New All-Terrain Hummer Segway

All Terrain X-Trail Hummer Swegway Hoverboard Swegway for Sale UK

Just in time for the UK Swegway Sale: introducing the new All-Terrain Monster X-Trail Hummer Segway. It’s literally the HUMMER of Hoverboards. The Monster X-Trail water resistant board can tackle any terrain put in it’s way. Paths, grass, steep inclines, bumpy pavements, dirt tracks, hiking routes, snowy roads ANYTHING! The Off-Road Swegway for sale is water resistant and can handle most weather conditions. Perfect for the British summer!

Take Advantage of our Flash Sale with up to 75% OFF this Spring; 10” Mammoth at £299.99 and the NEW All-Terrain X-Trail Monster Hummer Swegway coming in at just £299.99, saving a massive £200 and £300; it really isn’t to be missed!


Swegways & Hoverboards for Sale UK

All our Swegways and Hoverboards for sale UK are perfect for expertly advanced riders and Beginners alike. If you aren’t too sure about your balancing skills, just add the HOVERBOARD-PRO Training Handle at Checkout for only £24.99 and soon you yourself will be a Pro!

Remember, each UK Swegway and Hoverboard for sale is specially UK tested and 100% Safe Certified. Our promise to you is that every product purchased from us comes with 4.4A 36V, 158W genuine Samsung batteries as standard, CE Certifications MSDS Certificates and BS1363 Fused UK Plugs.

What are you waiting for, our huge sale is only on for a short time, whilst stocks last!

– Written by Christopher Myatt


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