Swegway Bluetooth Speakers

Swegway with Bluetooth Speakers!

Swegway Bluetooth Speakers…

Swegway Bluetooth Speakers Swegway Bluetooth Speakers  Swegway Bluetooth Speakers

Hoverboards with Bluetooth

Its finally here! HOVERBOARD-PRO are proud to announce our latest model; the Hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers and Marquee lights. Our Swegways are built to last, with the strength of our original classic models yet with more fun and greater influence.

Its very simple, we’ve used the latest technology to build you a Swegway that plays music by connecting directly with your Bluetooth device, such as the smart-phone or iPad. Furthermore, we’ve made our Swegway Pro Hoverboards much cooler in the dark with our upgraded LED Marquee Lights around the wheelbase of the Scooter.

Now you’re sure to impress your friends and family with the all dancing, all singing, all flashing Hoverboards!


Swegways with Speakers

Get involved with the latest trend by riding the latest Swegway with Speakers!

Swegways with Speakers

What better way to spend your Summer 2016 than with these Bluetooth Swegways. Whether you’re out enjoying some sun, in the garden or around your home, our built-in Swegway speaker systems are sure to impress friends and family. All our Bluetooth Swegways are powered by official Samsung batteries, ensuring only the best quality and safety for our UK consumers. All our Swegways with speakers have been thoroughly tested, certified and sourced from UK STOCK.


Swegways with Bluetooth

Take a look at our NEW 2016 UK Swegways with Bluetooth Speakers right here.

Swegways with Bluetooth

Swegway-Pro UK are recognised as the safest and longest reigning Swegway Store in the UK. All our Hoverboards are from UK Stock and fully certified for our UK Consumers. All our Bluetooth Swegways are MSDS checked, CE marked and come with 12 month warranty for extra peace of mind.

At Swegway-Pro, we’ve come a long way. We’re excited to introduce our latest Bluetooth Speakers and LED Marquee light Swegways for all our lovely UK customers. But we’re not stopping here! Stay tuned for our 8.5″ Lambo and 10″ Heavy Duty XL Swegways coming soon!


Where to buy UK Bluetooth Swegways

Customers can purchase our UK Bluetooth Swegways from our Online Shop here.

If you wish to purchase our 8.5″ Lambo Swegways or our 10″ XL Swegways then please Contact Us, call us on 0113 320 2299 or e-mail info@segwaypro.co.uk.



Please note that we no longer offer Bluetooth functionalities on our Swegways due to the reliability issues. We have chosen to stick with the more well-rounded CLASSIC Swegways. Thank you for your feedback!

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