Christmas Hoverboards UK Guide and tips

Swegway Guide: Buying Christmas Hoverboards

We provide tips for those looking to buy Christmas Hoverboards. Buying while we have a BIG SALE is a great idea. You get the most value for money during this period, however, here is what you should know first.

Christmas Hoverboards UK useful tips

We’ve recently noticed that many customers have been buying UK Swegways and Hoverboards early for Xmas. While it makes sense to purchase Christmas Hoverboards while our Big Sale is on, there are a few things you should know beforehand.

Our UK Hoverboards and Swegways are a perfect Christmas gift. No doubt that your loved ones will absolutely adore these Smart Boards. It will surely make their Christmas the best ever. Our Swegways are 100% from UK Stock and are UK SAFE, attaining UK testing approvals and certifications. That way, we are able to guarantee safety and reliability throughout our UK Hoverboard and Swegway range. Therefore, it is without a shadow of a doubt that HOVERBOARD-PRO provide the best in UK Hoverboards and Swegways for sale. There is simply no better and more reliable place to buy a UK Swegway than here, a UK-based Hoverboard company.

This article will aim to guide you through some important guidance on how to store and take care of your Hoverboard Swegway. If you are thinking of buying a Christmas Hoverboard, then please take care following the following preservation tips:


Christmas Hoverboards Sale

Christmas Hoverboards Sale UK Swegways

There’s still some time yet before Xmas. You’re probably thinking that it is best to buy the best value Swegways now in time for the Christmas Hoverboards Sale. If you’re thinking of doing so, there are a few storage guidelines you must follow first:

  • Keep the original boxing and packaging: we strongly advice that you always keep the original box when buying a Hoverboard from us. Your Swegway comes with our free 12-month warranty service. Therefore, in the very unlikely event that something may go wrong, we would require that you repackage the board in order to have it returned back to our warranty centre. The box itself is a great rectangular shape which is perfect for that Christmas Hoverboard gift!
  • Keep the battery healthy! This is a very important tip. Swegways are a little like a vehicle. If you leave the vehicle unattended and unused for a long time, then the battery will deplete. The same concept applies for Hoverboards and Swegways. In order to keep the battery healthy and preserve the board for Christmas, please follow this rule. Every couple of weeks, take the Swegway out of the box and plug it in to charge for 10 minutes. That way, the battery remains healthy and stable. You do not need to charge the Hoverboard for any longer than ten minutes, since it is not getting used. However, to stop the battery from depleting, give it the odd 10-minute charge every couple of weeks.


Buying Hoverboards for Xmas

Buying Hoverboards for Xmas

If you’re thinking of buying Hoverboards for Xmas, then here are some useful tips that you should consider:

  • Test the board before you store it: when you buy your Christmas Hoverboard, please make sure you receive what you want. Some customers might not be entirely happy with their board. It might be unlikely that this would be the case, however, it’s a long time until Xmas yet. Therefore, we want to make sure the Smart Board comes as you and your loved ones wish. Let us know if there are any defects or issues with the board as soon as you receive it, as we can guarantee to have it sorted before you gift it to your child for Christmas.
  • Keep it stored in a dry place at room temperature: we recommend that when storing your Swegway, you allow it to be stored in a dry place. The Swegways don’t react well to humidity due to the electrical components within the board. This tip is a general storage tip for before and after Christmas.


Finally, be prepared to witness the smiles and joys of your loved one! We’re confident that your child will absolutely love his or her Christmas Hoverboards. In fact, be prepared to have them whizz around their Swegway in the house, garden, park. The Hoverboard Swegway provides you with hours of maximum fun!

If you would like to have more tips or Swegway advice, then please don’t hesitate to contact one of our Hoverboard specialists. You can either use the contact for by clicking here, or contact 0113 320 2299 and speak to a member of our UK Swegway team.


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