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Swegways UK

Swegways UK

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Only at Swegway Pro UK!

Swegways-Pro is the number one choice for customers searching for a UK Swegway. If you’re wondering why, it is simply because our hoverboards are designed and manufactured specifically to cater our UK consumers. Our Swegways are safe, reliable, powerful and a lot of fun!

So, what makes our Swegways great? we hear you ask…

Our Swegways UK Are from UK Stock

All our Swegways have been sourced from the UK and are 100% from UK Stock. That means that all our hoverboards have passed the rigorous safety requirements of Britain. Furthermore, we’re able to offer our lovely customers free next day delivery and an in-house repair and service centre right here in England.

UK Swegways for UK Customers!

Swegways UK

We don't sell anywhere else!

Swegways-Pro was born out of a humble city known as Leeds, West Yorkshire. It was established to offer our UK consumers with a safe British Swegway. The reason being was that many customers were purchasing during a time where many of the boards were drop-shipped directly from China without any due care or attention to the British consumer. This results in many Swegways being defective and in some cases very dangerous.

The team behind Swegway Pro has a vision; it was to establish a service whereby customers could enjoy the fascination behind Swegways and Hoverboards without risking their rights or their wellbeing, as a British consumer. For this, our team worked hard to provide our lovely British consumers with a product manufactured, tested and sourced directly from the UK.

Each and every Swegway is tested for both safety and quality control. Then, tested again prior to dispatching it over to you. You may have noticed that we don’t offer the widest variety of Swegways in stock; this is because these Swegways may have not fulfilled our safety and reliability expectations; therefore, we’d rather not offer them to you.

To see a full list of Swegways UK stock please visit our online store here, or click below.

With Love,

The Swegway-Pro UK Team.

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