UK Swegway Deal, Cheap Chrome Hoverboard SALE

UK Swegway Weekly Deal: Cheap Chrome Hoverboard SALE

This weeks exceptional UK Swegway Deal is the best ever at HOVERBOARD-PRO. Buy our Cheap Chrome UK Certified Hoverboards at discounted prices. Exclusive to this week only!

UK Sale Swegway and Hoverboard Deals of the Week

Our DEAL OF THE WEEK just keeps getting better and better. This week commencing July 24th we’re making Swegways and Hoverboards for sale cheaper! Up until Sunday 30th July 2017, we’re making our Chrome UK Certified Hoverboards for sale as cheap as ever. With up to 75% off this Summer Sale you might have thought it couldn’t get any cheaper.

Well, at HOVERBOARD-PRO UK we’ve made it even better to shop online from the UK’s #1 Swegway and Hoverboard store. Last weeks Deal of the Week included our Black Bluetooth LED Swegways at exception value for money. This week, we’ve stepped up our game and are now offering our CHROME GOLD and CHROME SILVER Swegways with free Bluetooth upgrade and Carrier Bag for only £229.99!

All our prices included FREE next day delivery and 12-month Warranty service. Hurry, however, as our weekly hoverboard deal is just that: weekly!


Cheap Hoverboard Sale UK

UK SALE Swegway Deal of The Week Cheap Hoverboard deals

This week only, we’ve introduced some fantastic Cheap Hoverboard and UK Swegways for Sale. As part of our Deal of the Week initiative, we’re releasing the best Hoverboards for sale at the cheapest value online since 2015.

Here is a quick round-up of this weeks fantastic Hoverboard deals and offers:

  1. CHROME GOLD + Bluetooth + BAG – £229.99
    This week only, we’ve made buying a UK Swegway and Safe Certified Hoverboard cheaper. Customers can now buy the best Swegways including our most popular Hoverboards at discounted rates!
  2. CHROME SILVER + Bluetooth + BAG – £229.99
    Our Chrome Silver Swegway for sale with Bluetooth upgrade and Carrier Bag makes this and the Chrome Gold deal a bargain! For just £229.99, customers can now enjoy up to 75% off this week with free next day delivery and 1-year warranty.
  3. Classic GOLD Swegway + BAG – £184.99
    This Hoverboard is the cheapest Swegway on our site. But don’t be fooled, as our Hoverboards are the safest in country. Fully UK Safe Certified Swegways are all we sell. Each board is fully MSDS tested, UL Certified, CE Certified and BS1363 fused. Our batteries are all Official Samsung cells and we inspect and test each Swegway before dispatch.

So buy yourself a PREMIUM UK Swegway and Hoverboard as you take advantage of our amazing Hoverboard Summer Sale. Don’t let this weeks deals pass you by!


UK Swegways & Cheap Hoverboards for Sale UK

UK Swegways & Cheap Hoverboards for Sale UK:

Cheap Hoverboards and Swegway Sale UK

Schools out and the kids are itching to go out and play! If you’re not careful however, your kids could be stuck indoors playing video games or just surfing the internet. Don’t let your children be a couch potato this summer! Buy your loved one UK Swegways as you take advantage of our Cheap Hoverboards for Sale. We are the UK’s No.1 Hoverboard and Swegway company, based in Leeds with centres throughout England.

Whether you’re based in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Essex, London, Scotland, Wales, Ireland or elsewhere in Great Britain, we have you covered. In fact, we deliver Hoverboards and Swegways to you with FREE next day service, nationwide.


Premium Hoverboard Protective Skins for Sale UK

Silicone Rubber Protective Swegway Skins Case for sale

Our most recent Swegway accessories include our Premium quality Hoverboard Protective Skins for sale, only in the UK. If you are taking advantage of our fantastic weekly deal and buying a Chrome Swegway, then perhaps you should consider buying one of our Silicone Protective Skin covers.

Our protective rubber skins for sale are exclusive for 6.5″ classic Hoverboards. So if you’re buying a Classic 6 or 6.5″ Swegway then this is the accessory that could save your board. We all love the way our Hoverboards look; this is why we place so much emphasis on the colour and design of our Swegways. So why not give your Hoverboard the TLC it deserves with one of our Protective Rubber Silicone Skins for sale?

Our Silicone Rubber Skin cases for sale give you Hoverboard the protection you need. It will protect your Swegway from Bangs, Scuffs, Scratches and other damages. This is highly recommended if you are buying the CHROME Swegways. Nobody wants their smooth chrome finish looking damages or scuffed!



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