UK Swegway Hoverboard Races

Video Review: UK Swegway Hoverboard Races

UK Swegway Hoverboard Races…

It’s time for another UK Swegway video review! In this article, we will be showcasing three racing videos that are sure to get you excited about Hoverboards.

Swegway Hoverboard Races

This first video by “Gabe and Garrett” is fun because it’s themed around Batman vs. Superman. First they start with an unboxing video so you can skip to around five minutes in to see the actual Hoverboard riding. They also show how Hoverboards help them do their chores, which is a fun twist.

In the video you see that they themed their costumes around the styles of their Hoverboards, which is a fun and creative way to spice up a race. You can see that these kids have a lot of fun racing on their Swegways!


UK Hoverboard Racing

UK Hoverboard Racing

UK Swegway Hoverboard Races:

This next video is titled “Hoverboard Racing” by the Funk Bros, but we prefer to call it “Alternative Sweeping at the Local Target”. If you watch the video you’ll find out why!

The video starts with an introduction where they talk about what they’re about to do, their camera mounts, etc. Then they get to Target and their race begins!

This style of racing is interesting because they put their hands on the Hoverboard instead of their feet and lay down to let the Swegway drag them along. That’s where the “Alternative Sweeping” comes in, because their entire body is dragging on the floor. They race down corridors and whip around corners with ease. Of course, HOVERBOARD-PRO UK doesn’t condone mischief like this, but you can’t deny that it looks fun.


Swegway Race

Swegway Race

UK Swegway Hoverboard Races:

The final video in our lineup today takes it up a notch by racing with seven people all on Swegway Hoverboards.

First they keep it simple and race around a parking lot a few times. It’s a bit more chaotic than the previous videos because all seven people are constantly trying to get around each other, leading to a few harmless collisions.

Then it gets interesting when they split into two teams for a relay race. This is similar to their race before but now only two people are racing at any one time so it isn’t as chaotic. They pass a stick between the team members like any running relay race. This time they aren’t tripping over each other quite so much, but they do run into some difficulties when they try to take turns too quickly or lose their balance.

We like this video because they’re in a parking lot with a fairly even surface so they won’t risk bothering anyone or taking unnecessary risks. And they have a lot of fun racing!



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