April UK Hoverboards & Swegways

April UK Hoverboards & Swegways

As we welcome the month of April UK Hoverboards, celebrate the coming sunshine with a Swegway from your home in the UK. Wave a happy goodbye to months of rain and snow on the hottest electronic of the year!

UK Hoverboards

As in our previous news articles, we always talk about how the warmer the weather, the better it becomes riding around on your new UK Hoverboard. These electronics aren’t as suited for water and snow riding, but they are optimised for usage in dry conditions.

This means that Spring and Summer are the optimum times to buy and ride Swegways. This April UK Hoverboards are the number one choice for outdoor activities!

Sure, you can ride your Hoverboard or Swegway around inside all you want when the weather isn’t perfect outside. But being able to ride around outside gives you a lot more freedom and new ways to enjoy your Hoverboard. Especially if you have a Mammoth Hoverboard, whose inflatable wheels allow you to ride a lot more smoothly on off-road terrain. You can certainly still ride off-road with a Classic or Lambo Hoverboard or on even terrain with a Mammoth Swegway too.

That’s the great thing about our range of April UK Hoverboards & Swegways – they’re incredibly versatile! Use this incredible versatility this season as you zoom around on your new Hoverboard in the sun.


UK Swegways

UK Swegways

You may be worried, is it already too late to order a UK Swegway? That might be the case for other companies if they are based outside the UK or source from outside of the UK. In that instance you may be waiting quite a long time to enjoy your Hoverboard out in the lovely weather.

Fortunately, that is not the case when you order from us at Swegway-Pro. We are entirely UK based with UK stock so we can have your order to you the very next day. That means that you don’t need to worry that you’ve already missed your window to ride, you could be riding your new UK Swegway in the sun tomorrow! We actually have many people who do this and wait until the weather is nice to order their Hoverboards.

We’ve been busy here at HOVERBOARD-PRO UK with all of our recent orders, as the weather gets warmer and sunnier. We think that is a very good problem to have and look forward to increasing orders as we barrel toward summer!



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