Premium Hoverkart for UK Swegways and Hoverboards UK

UK Swegway News: NEW Premium Hoverkart

UK Swegway news: Premium Hoverkart is here! We give you all the details on how to use it and how it compares to the Original Kart for Hoverboards UK

Premium Hoverkart for UK Swegways and Hoverboards UK

The new Premium Hoverkart for the UK Swegway is different in a lot of ways from the Original Hoverkart. It’s construction is much sturdier and more comfortable. The seat is larger, the grips on the handlebars better, and the construction overall re-engineered with greater support.

The Original Hoverkart is also sturdy and well built, but the Premium Hoverkart is even more so able to put up with harder treatment and heavy use.


Premium Hoverkart UK Safety

Safety on Hoverkart for Swegways UK

Our Premium Hoverkart is also safer because it is harder to flip. As you can see in the image above, the handlebars only turn 12 degrees to ensure that the user doesn’t turn too hard and accidentally flip their Hoverkart. Of course, the original Hoverkart isn’t unsafe by any means, but the Premium Hoverkart is the result of product development from the original Hoverkart. The improvements make it much sturdier for the rider to use.


Premium Hoverkart: How to Ride

How to Ride Premium Hoverkart for Hoverboards UK

Riding the Premium Hoverkart is much the same as the original. You sit in the chair with your legs in front of you and move the handlebars forward and backward depending on which direction you want to go. Both forward will speed up the Hoverkart, backward will slow it down, and one forward and the other backward will turn the Hoverkart in the corresponding direction.


Premium Hoverkart: How to Assemble

How to Assemble Hoverkart for Hoverboards UK 1-3How to Assemble Hoverkart for Hoverboards UK 4-5

Assembling the Premium Hoverkart is quite simple as you can see in the picture guide above. You can just follow these steps and your Premium Hoverkart will be ready to ride in no time!

Cheap Hoverkarts for UK Hoverboards

Hoverkart UK Swegways and Hoverboards UK

We are happy to say that these Hoverkarts for our UK Hoverboards are cheap while still maintaining the highest degree of quality as ever! To celebrate the launch of the Premium Hoverkart for sale we have reduced the price of the original Hoverkart from £99.99 to the current price.

We’ve also worked to make the Premium Hoverkart for sale as affordable as possible. We always want our products to be as cheap in price as possible while maintaining our promise of quality and devotion to all of our products. The Premium Hoverkart is no exception to this rule. It is of exceptional quality and also as inexpensive as we can afford to make it.


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