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Roundup: The UK Swegway and Hoverboard

Ever wondered what it’s like on a UK Swegway and Hoverboard?

Do you remember the first time you learned how to ride a bike without assistance? Or the time you regained your balance when you were about to fall when Ice Skating? Well, the Swegway offers the same thrilling experience – a wonderful nostalgia!

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Here is a short roundup of the UK Swegway and Hoverboard for sale. Here we recap what is a Swegway, it’s features, where it came from and its safety:


What is a Swegway

What is a UK Swegway and Hoverboard

Some might be wondering what a what a UK Swegway is. Swegway (also known as a Hoverboard, Balance Board, Smart Scooter, and many others) is a self-balancing two-wheeler board. To put it simply, the Swegway and Hoverboard is a portable electric scooter with 2 wheels, operated electronically through wheel motors and a rechargeable Samsung battery. The rider stands on the horizontal board and controls the direction with the help of the gyros and sensors.

For more information about how to ride a UK Swegway, see this article here.


Swegway and Hoverboard Features

UK Swegway and Hoverboard features

Now that you’re sure what a Swegway & Hoverboard is, let us share with you some more details. The Swegway is 100% electric, meaning that is is super quiet, 100% eco-friendly and is easily transportable with the minor help of our Swegway Carrier Bags. The gyro sensors fitted in the foot pad are pressure sensitive enough to capture even the slightest pressure from your foot. The 10″ Mammoth Swegways however require slightly more pressure. Therefore, we recommend a minimum of 25kg for that particular model.

Our UK Swegways and Hoverboards come with various add-on features, including Bluetooth, Chrome and limited edition designer Swegways. See our full list of Swegways for Sale here.


Where do Swegways come from

Where do Swegways and Hoverboards come from

The Swegway and Hoverboard is believed to have been invented by a British resident originally from China. Soon enough, Chinese manufacturers took hold of the invention and began to produce a mass number of the Swegway.

HOVERBOARD-PRO UK was established in 2015 to advocate safe boards which at the time warned against the purchase of the Swegway from Amazon and eBay due to the level of unsafe boards being sold by independent vendors via drop-shipping. Moreover, we worked very hard to produce UK SAFE boards and provide the UK market with Swegways and Hoverboards that were designed specifically for British consumers.


Celebrities on Swegways

Celebrities on Swegway and Hoverboard

The Swegway and Hoverboard became insanely popular almost overnight with a large handful of celebrities appearing in tabloids with the device. To name a few, Justin Bieber, Skrillex, Chris Brown, Kendall Jenner, Jamie Foxx, Mike Tyson and many more celebrities contributed their bit towards making the Swegway or Hoverboard as popular as it is today.


Swegway and Hoverboard Safety

Swegway Safety Certificates

HOVERBOARD-PRO’s UK Hoverboards and Swegways are all UK SAFE. Our extremely high benchmark of safety and rigorous testing is conducted both during the manufacturing and packaging stage of our supply chain. To name a few, we have full MSDS safety certifications and CE marked. Our plugs are UK BS1363 approved fused and our batteries are official Samsung battery cells with battery certifications in place.

If you are looking for a SAFE Swegways and Hoverboard, then HOVERBOARD-PRO UK is the only place to offer you a 100% safe guaranteed Swegway with a free 12-month warranty on every board purchased at our online store.


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