UK Swegways: The Coolest Gadget of 2016-2017

UK Swegways: The Coolest Gadget of 2016-2017

UK Swegways: The Coolest Gadget of 2016-2017…

Whether you know what a Swegway is or not, there is no doubt you’ve heard the name mentioned a few times. Taking the world by storm, the Swegway – or Hoverboard – is a self-balancing scooter that has become one of the most talked coolest gadget of 2016.

After becoming a viral hit on social media, the Swegway flew off the shelves at almost every retailer in the UK as it proved to be one of the coolest gadget and best purchases you could make this year. HOVERBOARD-PRO UK are committed to continuously supply premium UK Safe Swegways and Hoverboards to customers in Britain – all year round! We’ve helped countless happy customers become proud Swegway owners and we’ve done so with exceptional service and top-quality products.


If you’re thinking of purchasing one of these hot coolest gadget before the year ends, look no further – Swegway Pro UK is here to help! Whatever model, color or size you’re after, we can provide you with whatever you need. Don’t believe us? Check out our online store to see all of our premium Balance Board models and see just how much you can save on a British Swegway.


The Science Of The Swegway

One of the things that makes the Swegway such an iconic and renowned gadget is the unique way that it is controlled. You won’t see a steering wheel or control button in sight – YOU are the controls! All self-balancing scooters are controlled simply by stepping on board and letting your body’s natural weight shift do the work; simply do a slight lean in the direction you want to go and you’re off.

The Swegway has two built-in, gyroscopic sensor pads that are directly beneath the rider’s feet. They are designed to make controlling the Swegway feel as natural as possible and give you complete control over speed and direction. Both of the wheels on any self-balancing scooter work independently in order to give the rider a sharp yet well controlled turn.

At Swegway-Pro UK, we understand that a product as hi-tech as this needs extra measures when assessing its safety and quality. We test all of our products ourselves and we do it right here in the UK. As well as this, all of our Samsung batteries are MSDS tested against a high benchmark for safety as well as performance. Any Swegway or other self-balancing scooter from us has a 12-month warranty and is assured to be the highest quality there is. You can browse all of our premium UK Swegway models now at our online store.


The best Swegways & Hoverboards Just Got better

If you thought there was no way UK Swegways could get any cooler – you were wrong. Here at Swegway-Pro UK we’ve managed to get our hands on the hottest new models and accessories for your Swegway and Hoverboard. We’re revolutionising the self-balancing scooter game in time for 2017 and we’re doing it at an affordable price!


Bluetooth Swegway Coolest Gadget


Our first new model is the slickest and most stylish board we’ve ever seen; our brand new Swegway models have built in LED marquee lighting as well as integrated Bluetooth speakers. It’s exclusive metallic black finish is also one of the most popular and well received colours on the market, and contrasts stunningly against the LED lights.


For those of you who abide by the ‘bigger is better’ way of thinking, we have the perfect product now in stock. Our brand new Mammoth Swegway is our largest model yet; with 10” inflatable tires, you’ll stand above every other Hoverboard on the market. But these tires aren’t just for show, they’ll give you the smoothest and most controlled driving experience yet, even on those rougher terrains. It’s multi tone carbon fiber finish is in close competition with the metallic black Swegway finish, only time will tell which is most popular!


Head over to our online store now to see our full range of premium UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale. Not only can you make big savings on these amazing products, but right now we’re offering free UK delivery, guaranteed before Xmas! So don’t waste another minute and make the best purchase you’ll make all year at Swegway Pro UK!


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