Wheel Size: Things to Consider When Buying Your HOVERBOARD

Hoverboards are most popular method of electronic self-transportation in the UK. So which wheel size should you purchase? Here are some things to consider when buying your Hoverboard.

Wheel Size Hoverboard UK

Hoverboards are a two-wheel transportation device that you stand on and move using your balance. It is completely electric and relies on rechargeable batteries.

Swegways comes in a variety of sizes:

This article will inform you of the best wheel size for what you want to get out of your Hoverboard.

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6.5 inch Hoverboard wheel size (The Classic)

Classic Swegway Hoverboard Sale UK

The classic size is 6.5 inches, or in some cases where the point of measurement is different these may also be known as 7 inch. The weights of the small-sized Hoverboards available in the market range around 11kg.

Their maximum speed is between 12 mph and 18 mph. These models will take about 2-3 hours to charge and upon charging, they can go for a range of 10 to 12 miles or roughly 1 to 3 hours.

Is the classic for you? This size is the best of both genders. It is lightweight and support the common weight range. However, it is mainly good for indoor use. This is due to the lower ground clearance of the underside of the Hoverboard.

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8.5 inch wheel size – Hummer Hoverboards

Waterproof Hoverboard for sale UK Off-Road Sweyway

The second most popular Hoverboard model is the 8.5-inch Hummer Swegway. Their weight ranges from 13 kg to 15 kg.

Similar to the small wheel models; they have a maximum speed that ranges around 12mph. However, there are models that reach a maximum speed of 15mph.

The typical charging time is 2 to 3 hours. These models also go for about 12 miles and the better ones get to 15 miles on a single charge.

Is the Hummer Hoverboard for you? This model will suite the person seeking outdoor use. One can pick the appropriate model for the distance required and the weight that can be tolerated. It is definitely the choice for heavier people. Furthermore, due to the wide off-road solid tyres, these Hoverboards handle more tough terrain far better than all other model ranges.

So if you’re after something as robust and capable for outdoor use, then look no further than the Off-Road Hummer Swegway.

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10-inch wheel size – The Mammoth


The noticeable difference in wheel sizes is on the ground clearance of the Hoverboard. The big wheels raise the board so that there is enough room to move over obstacles and there is less bruising of the body of the Swegway.

The 10-inch variation comes with inflatable tyres. Therefore, it is better for going over grass and when riding on gravel surfaces. There are different riding modes that will offset the differences in the bigger wheel sizes.

Having said this, the 10-inch Hoverboards are not as robust or durable as the HUMMER range of Swegways. This is certainly a purchase for those wishing to use their boards outdoor on tough surfaces due to their inflatable tyre qualities. However, be sure not to let them get wet as these are not water-resistant whatsoever.

Is the Mammoth Swegway for you? These big-wheeled, monster boards will be good for use on grass and other uneven surfaces but be sure that the rider is above 40kg first.

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