where to buy UK Hoverboards

Where to Buy UK Hoverboards

Where to Buy UK Hoverboards…

If you’ve heard about Hoverboards then chances are you want one. They are the hottest selling gadget right now and the amount of fun you can have on them is incredible. They are suitable for a broad range of ages and represent the perfect gift for any occasion from Birthdays, Christmas or whatever the occasion maybe.

where to buy UK Hoverboards

Their popularity among celebrities and social media has seen their demand sky rocket, although there are many Hoverboard suppliers on the internet, most of them offer cheap Chinese boards that are not fit for the UK market and don’t comply with Btitish safety standards.

So where can you get a quality Hoverboard, that is safe and fit for the high standards of the UK market?

UK Based Swegway Company

UK Based Swegways

HOVERBOARD-PRO UK is a UK based supplier of UK Swegways, we specialise in the manufacture and distribution of Hoverboards for the UK market with our office based in Leeds West Yorkshire.

Thinking of where to buy UK Hoverboards? Our Swegways are built for the UK market right from the manufacturing stage, they are tested and undergo numerous quality control processes to ensure they meet the high standards of UK consumers.

Hoverboards from UK Warehouse

Our Warehouse and distribution centre is based in the UK, so if you want that birthday Swegway in time or whatever the occasion may be, we are the ones that can deliver.

Swegways from UK Stock

Our stock is located right here in the UK and our stock levels are live on the website. So if our website says we have and you buy it, we will send it out for free next day delivery.

Trusted UK Seller

Trusted UK Seller

The last year has seen our operations expand from covering the west Yorkshire area to encompass the whole United Kingdom and beyond to become a leading UK Hoverboard supplier. We attribute this to our emphasis on quality, safety and customer service.

All our Swegway boards are fitted with heavy duty Samsung batteries that are ASDS approved, they come with UK fused and CE approved chargers. Our quality control procedures mean that your product will be checked before dispatch to ensure you receive a high quality UK Swegway board.

All our customers are entitled to free next day delivery, 1 year warranty and can benefit from an outstanding aftercare service. After all we are the only UK Hoverboard supplier to have an in house repair centre.


For further information about any of our products or services contact us or call our customer support line on 0113 320 2299.



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