Valentines Day 2018 Hoverboard Swegway Sale

Best Valentine’s Day Gift: UK Hoverboards & Swegways

For this Valentine’s Day Gift, why not get him or her something fun, sleek, sexy… and high-tech? Of course, we mean nothing other than the UK Hoverboard & Swegway!Valentines Day 2018 Best Hoverboard Swegway Sale

Swegway-Pro UK has introduced their biggest UK Hoverboard & Swegway sale ever, with a whopping 10% off the [already reduced] price! That’s right, we are marking off 10% off your cart, applying a sale on our sale products – that’s a sale inception!


All you need to do is apply the coupon code BEMINE10 at the checkout page, and 10% will be marked off all your UK Hoverboard & Swegway purchases. So be smart and get your other half something amazing this Valentine’s Day with a Great British Hoverboard.


Here are more reasons why a UK Hoverboard & Swegway is the Best Valentine’s Day Gift for your other half:


Valentine’s Day Gift: Electric Hoverboards & Scooters

Valentines Day 2018 Hoverboard Swegway Sale UK

  1. 12-Month Warranty

Our Electric hoverboards & Scooters come with a FREE 12-month UK Warranty across all our products at Swegway-Pro. Although we’re confident that our UK Swegways will withstand the test of time, we are giving our lovely customers the peace of mine that should anything happen to your Swegway mechanically that is not your fault, we will endeavour to repair or replace your Hoverboard without fuss. Unlike other Hoverboard companies, we wouldn’t require that you ship it back from all across the other side of the world, or Europe as some would tell you –instead, we have our own independent customer service and specialist repair centre right here in Leeds – making our UK Hoverboard & Swegway company the smoothest warranty service provider in the world!


  1. FREE Next Day Delivery

So it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and you haven’t got your other half a Valentine’s Day Gift of significant value. Or it’s your sons or daughters birthday coming up shortly and you’re strapped for time; well worry no more. Swegway-Pro offers a FREE next day delivery service across all our UK Hoverboards & Swegways! That’s right, if you order today before 2pm, we will dispatch the SAME DAY for our next day delivery service, ensuring that your product is at your door the following day.


  1. 100% UK Stock & a real British Swegway & Hoverboard Company

Based in our hometown of Leeds, we pride ourselves in 100% authentic Swegways & Hoverboards tailored specifically to our UK market. In fact, Swegway-Pro doesn’t sell to anywhere else. That way, we make sure that our lovely British customers are getting a safe, reliable and good quality product with all the added benefits of dealing with a company at their doorstep rather than 1000’s of miles away. Additionally, being close to all of you also allows us to offer next day delivery, and handle all our customer services quickly and efficiently. In fact, our customer service hotlines are open 24-hours, 7 days a week – and if we’re too busy, we also have a WhatsApp service for immediate answers to your query – you’ll always speak to a real person!


  1. SAMSUNG Hoverboards & Swegways

Our Hoverboards & Swegways all have official Samsung battery cells that are fully MSDS certified and checked by independent certification bodies to ensure 100% battery safety and efficiency all-round. In fact, all our Smart Boards are UK SAFE, inspected and approved. There is no other Swegway company that prides itself more than Swegway-Pro does for being the ONLY Hoverboard & Swegway business that sells SOLELY for UK customers.


Valentine’s Day Swegway & Hoverboard Deals

Valentine's Day Swegway & Hoverboard Deals

So now you have it, more reasons to buy a UK Swegways & Hoverboard from HOVERBOARD-PRO. What now? Here are some simple steps to getting your 10% Valentine’s Day Swegway & Hoverboard Deals:


  1. Visit our Online Store here
  2. Choose your favourite UK Swegway & Hoverboard
  3. Add the items to the CART
  4. Proceed to CHECKOUT
  5. Enter the coupon code: BEMINE10
  6. You will then see the page refresh and a 10% reduction on your cart total
  7. Proceed to the checkout and payment page through our secure SSL encryption payment services
  8. Well done! You are now one of thousands of happy UK Swegway & Hoverboard customers at HOVERBOARD-PRO UK. Welcome to the family!


For more information on our UK Hoverboards & Swegways or if you’d like to know more about our Valentine’s Day Gift bundles: Contact us

T: 0113 320 2299


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