UK Swegways: The Coolest Gadget of 2016-2017

Swegway Pro UK: Bluetooth Speaker Hoverboards!

Bluetooth Speaker Hoverboards!…

After a record-breaking amount of sales this Black Friday, Swegway Pro UK is bringing you yet another fantastic deal! We’ve managed to get our hands on some amazing new products so that our customers always have the choice of the latest Premium UK Swegways and Hoverboards.

Bluetooth Speaker Hoverboards

The first new model we have is one with a difference – the most sleek and aesthetically praised model we’ve ever seen! That’s right, Swegway Pro UK are now selling Bluetooth speaker Swegways with LED lights! But this new model isn’t just easy on the eyes… it’s easy on your pocket too! Shop now to see just how much you can save on the latest UK Swegways with Bluetooth now!


Latest UK Swegways with Bluetooth Models

UK Swegways with Bluetooth

So why are Swegway Pro UK’s latest models so popular? We’re committed to providing you the latest products, but we’re not fussed with the gimmicks and unnecessary features – the latest model on our online store truly is an amazing product and we’re here to tell you why!


Firstly, this has to be the best-looking model we’ve ever seen – the sleek metallic exterior is the perfect contrast for the piercing LED multi-coloured lights located on the wheel-arch of the Bluetooth Swegway as well as LED’s on the front of the hoverboard. These lights aren’t just for show however; they have been purposely installed to give you maximum visibility and exposure on those dark winter evenings. What’s more is that the board also has fully integrated Bluetooth speakers!


Don’t worry about these new features draining the battery – all of our models are fitted with a high power safe and certified Samsung batteries to ensure consistency and efficiency. We also test all of our products locally in the UK so we can assure you’re only getting the highest of quality UK Swegways with Bluetooth.


Order now and you can take advantage of our FREE UK delivery, guaranteed before Xmas! as well as our current sale and promotions – there really is no better choice than Swegway Pro UK!


Perfect Christmas Gift: Bluetooth Speaker Swegway Models

The Perfect Christmas Gift: Bluetooth Speaker Swegway Models

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The Christmas lights are on, the choirs are singing – but all the lights and music you need this Xmas are with your brand new Bluetooth Speaker Swegways!


That’s right, HOVERBOARD-PRO UK are currently selling the latest Swegways and Hoverboards with Bluetooth, equipped with stylish multi-colour LED flashing lights on the wheel arches as well as built-in speakers. If that’s a bit too technical for you (mums and dads) then head over to our online store to see our latest models in detail – you’ll instantly see how our latest models are the coolest Swegways on the market and are the only choice this year for the perfect Christmas gift. If it wasn’t perfect enough, all of our new Swegway and Hoverboard models are included in our end of year Xmas sale!


But we know what you’re thinking – and we’re to put your minds at rest; all purchases off our online store are guaranteed before Christmas. We want your experience with HOVERBOARD-PRO UK to be hassle free and have peace of mind whilst shopping with us – be sure to take advantage of our FREE UK guaranteed Xmas delivery service, it’s that easy!


Bluetooth Swegways: Next Generation Of Hoverboards

Bluetooth Swegways: Next Generation Of Hoverboards

The Hoverboard has been one of the most futuristic gadgets the world has seen – so when we say that our new model is even more futuristic, you know you’re in for a treat! HOVERBOARD-PRO UK is proud to announce that the latest LED & Bluetooth speaker Hoverboard is now available on our online store!


If you’ve missed out on our amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, have no fear – you can still save on one of the hottest products of 2016! This Hoverboard with Bluetooth is by far one of the best products we’ve had for a while; it’s LED underside and wheel arch, and metallic exterior certainly look the part; whilst it’s Bluetooth speaker system and extremely powerful battery will innovate your Hoverboard experience like never before!


As with all of our products, these new Hoverboards are tried and tested locally in the UK; we also hold all of our stock locally in order to deliver it to our customers as soon as possible. Even more, we offer a 12-month warranty on every product sold – you really won’t find a better deal anywhere else, so what are you waiting for? Shop now!


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