UK Hoverboards: Best Selling Swegways

Swegway Boards: Must-Have Gadget of 2016!

Whether it’s a brand new games console, the latest phone or a 4k television, everyone has got their eye on a must-have gadget this year. However, there is one product that truly is THE only gadget you’ll need – The UK Swegway board!

Swegway Boards! The Must-Have Gadget Of 2016!

That’s right, these state-of-the-art devices have taken the UK by storm and are one of the most talked about products of the year. Swegway Pro UK is a company dedicated to bringing these amazing and in-demand products directly to UK customers; we want our customers to get their hands one the must-have gadget of 2016 with as little hassle as possible, so make sure you check out our online store as well as well as our amazing offers all while stocks last!


UK Hoverboards: Hottest Gadget Of 2016

The Hottest Gadget 2016

For those of you who don’t know – the Swegway is a motorised, self-balancing board which can be easily used by almost anyone. The board is completely controlled by your natural balance and requires no extra controls or training to use; it really is that simple!


Google searches for “Swegway” increased by over 40x in a year! This shows just how popular they’ve become in such a short space of time. If you haven’t seen them around the UK then you’ve probably seen countless celebrities around the world sporting the futuristic devices on TV, social media and in music videos – they really are everywhere!


Since their popularity has boomed in the UK, Swegway Pro UK has been committed to providing all the latest models and accessories to our customers. We have a big focus on quality and safety, so all of our products are vigorously tested right here in the UK! So if you want to get your hands on THE hottest gadget of the year, shop now and see our entire range of premium UK Swegways.


The Must-Have Gadget This Christmas!

The Must-Have Gadget This Christmas!

It’s almost December and no doubt there have already been countless mentions of people’s perfect Christmas gifts and what they’re dreaming of seeing underneath the tree this year. Last year, Swegways were topping Christmas lists all over the UK, and this year will be even better!


The Swegway has become increasingly popular over 2016 and is now in demand more than ever. HOVERBOARD-PRO UK is here to make that perfect xmas purchase a little bit easier on the pockets with our amazing prices and upcoming sales! If you’ve already missed our massive Black Friday UK Swegway sale then have no fear – we will be offering one more chance for all of our customers to get amazing savings with our Christmas Swegway and Hoverboard sale!


Be sure to head over to our online hoverboard store to browse all of our UK Swegway & balance board models and accessories – we assure that only the best stock make it onto our profile, and guarantee safety and quality with everything we sell. Don’t miss out; get your perfect Christmas gift now with fantastic offers while stocks last!


What Makes UK Swegways So Great?

UK Swegways

You’re probably wondering why UK Swegways have become one of the hottest and most-talked-about product of the year. Apart from practically being the closest thing we have to a real-life Hoverboard from the future, there are a few more reasons why the Balance Board is so great!


The Swegway is already proving it will stand the test of time; last year they were one of the most sought out gadgets on the market, and this year the ‘craze ‘ is still very much there. You don’t have to worry about the Swegway becoming outdated; our online store has all the latest models, colours and brand new features such as our all-new LED Bluetooth Swegway!


You can now use our new and original Hoverkart accessory to revolutionise your Swegway and Hoverboard experience – you can click here to read more! All of our products are tried and tested locally in the UK, so any premium Balance Board purchased from us meets our extremely high standards for safety and quality; you’ll know that your Hoverboard will be a long-term investment when you buy from us.


Buy now and you can even save money on any one of these amazing products; that’s right, the Swegway is now more affordable than ever due to our amazing offers and savings! Don’t waste anymore time and start shopping for you new UK Swegway now!


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