Hoverboard Wedding Theme: Royal Wedding & cool ideas!

People all over the world today watched as the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan was unfolding at their TV Screens. In keeping with the theme, we provide you some of the cool Hoverboard Wedding theme ideas. Take a look at how the Swegway and Hoverboard has been making its way in to Weddings.

Royal Hoverboard Wedding theme Swegway Sale UK

Todays Royal Wedding was magical. We watched on TV as Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding ceremony was unfolding. We were in awe oh how beautiful they both were looking. However, we can’t help think of how funky it would be with a little touch of a Hoverboard Wedding theme involved.

Many newly weds from all across the world have been incorporating the Hoverboard in to their weddings. From the first dance incorporating Hoverboard wedding themes, to Swegways in well choreographed dances.

We love to see Hoverboards being incorporated in to all events, especially in Weddings. Therefore, the team at HOVERBOARD PRO have taken some time to show you some of the best Hoverboard wedding themes. With the help of videos online, we show you a selection of some of our most favourite Hoverboard wedding dances on the net so far!

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Hoverboard Wedding Themes

Hoverboard Wedding ideas have been a big hit since the Swegway first came in to existence. The Hoverboard craze has literally taken the world by storm, infiltrating weddings. Hoverboard wedding themes are a great way to spice up and create unique ways to awe guests at your wedding. Due to this, HOVERBOARD PRO has been helping newly weds with Hoverboard Wedding ideas that make the big day even bigger.

In the above video, a couple of newly weds surprise their gusts by incorporating the first dance on their Hoverboards. This has become the single best way to surprise guests as they show off their Hoverboard skills to all those attending.

We’ve got to say however, it takes a lot of confidence, skill and practice to master this. Not only do you only have one chance to make it work, but with the pressure of onlookers too! Can you imagine how insane this would have been if Meghan and Harry rolled up on their Hoverboards on their big day?


The Hoverboard® is the single most exciting gadget to ever grace the UK. Over the years, Hoverboards for sale have been experiencing a spike in sales to compliment all events. Hoverboard Wedding themes are one of the most surprising of them all, yet has become a more common occurrence.

Hoverboard wedding themes are not just a big hit in the UK, however. In the above video, we show you a video uploaded on YouTube of an Indian bride and groom entering the wedding on their Hoverboards. What a fantastic way to surprise your guests by gliding down the aisle on a Hoverboard®.

Hoverboard wedding on UK Swegways

Of course it isn’t just the bride and groom who are incorporating the Hoverboard wedding theme. In fact, in the above image we can see a photographer gliding on his wedding as a photography tool. This is nothing new, however, as many great photographers have been incorporating Swegways in their photography. The Hoverboard is a great way for photographers to avoid unsteady movements when taking videos.

Do you know anybody who has incorporated Hoverboard wedding themes on their big day? If so, please let us know for a special feature!

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