Emoji Movie Hoverboard Challenge UK Swegways

Emoji Movie Hoverboard Challenge

We’ve recently come across the Emoji Movie Hoverboard Challenge which we absolutely love!

Ok, Emojis have been all the rage for a few years now, so much so that they are Britain’s fastest growing language, due to their ability to transcend language barriers and be applied to a universal range of topics. They are essentially a modern-day form of hieroglyphs only with a much higher level of complexity. The universal application of emojis has been tested time and time again, with studies from a  whole host of sources proving the widespread application of emojis to overcome language barriers.

Now, we come to the topic of the above video, a Swegway challenge themed around the forthcoming Emoji Movie. The film casts the aforementioned symbols as characters defined by the attributes of their appearance, for example, a ‘smiley face emoji’ named ‘Smiler’ is a happy and positive character.

This challenge combines the characters from the film with Swegways for a fun-themed family challenge. It really warms your heart to see a family get together and really get the most fun out of their Swegways. This is how we love to see people using our products! We love to see people racing them and the like but it really does warm our hearts to see people having fun together using them.

Emoji Movie Hoverboard Challenge

We have seen this family doing challenges in the past and they have always been a joy to watch due to their on-screen rapport and genuinely loving relationship to one another, a proper family.

The main portion of the challenge requires each family member choose an emoji and wear a cut-out on their body. Following this, each contestant must navigate an obstacle course within their home, along the way taking a bite out of an emoji-shaped cake, with some family members doing better than others but everyone gives it a good try! We definitely recommend watching!

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