Swegway Bag Deal

FREE UK Swegway Bag Deal

We are excited to announce another amazing UK Swegway deal: a free Swegway bag with the purchase of a Classic Bluetooth Hoverboard. This great deal saves you money and protects your Balance Board from potential damage!

FREE Swegway Bag, UK Swegway Deal

Just when you think our products couldn’t get better, we go and up the game. Now buying a Classic + Bluetooth Swegway is more affordable than ever. There are a few reasons that we decided to offer this deal:


Free Swegway Bag Deal

  1. We noticed that most of our customers buy a Swegway and a bag at the same time, or come back later with a second order of just the bag because they regretted not buying it originally. Therefore, we want to make things just a little bit easier and better for you by including the bag right away!
  2. We care about the look and quality of your UK Swegway. We know that scratches might occur from heavy use, but we want you to be able to protect your UK Hoverboard and keep it looking great even when you’re not using it. The Swegway bag protects your Balance Board from scrapes and scratches when you’re transporting it. It also has a convenient carrying handle to make transportation much easier and safer. It might be difficult for someone to be sure that they won’t drop their UK Swegway or Hoverboard since they don’t have handles, but the Swegway bag makes that much less of a concern.

We wanted to give our lovely customers an exciting deal! We truly appreciate our customers and wanted to make things a little bit sweeter for them with this Hoverboard and bag deal UK.


Cheap Hoverboard Deal UK

Cheap Hoverboard Swegway Sale UK

This exciting Swegway bag and Hoverboard deal covers all of our Classic Hoverboards with Bluetooth (note: not the ones with LED marquee lights). This deal covers all colours that the boards can come in. To make sure that you’ve selected a Hoverboard eligible for this deal, make sure its name includes “+ BAG”, which indicates that the Hoverboard bag is included in this special offer. Just like our current massive sale, this deal won’t last forever, so make sure to take advantage of it while it lasts!


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