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Brace yourselves for another Hoverboard heatwave!

Brace yourselves for another Hoverboard heatwave as temperatures forecast to top 30C! It’s a perfect time jump on your Hoverboards and enjoy the UK sun!

Hoverboard heatwave Swegways Hoverboards UK

However, don’t forget to protect yourselves from harmful UV levels while you’re out in the sun. Hot weather over the next few days could mean it’s as warm as Gibraltar and the south of Spain. By next week it is estimated that the Hoverboard heatwave may reach highs of 20’s and even lows of 30s in some parts of England.

Clare Nasir, a Met Office meteorologist, said: “By next week, temperatures will rocket up into the high 20s, even low 30s by the middle to latter part of the week. “Sunday is going to be a great day for being out and about, but do remember UV levels are likely to be high or even very high across the country, and you’ll burn even quicker if you are along the coast with the reflection of the sand and sea.”

Therefore, we urge our customers to take extra precaution when enjoying their Hoverboards out in the sun. Apply sun lotion and cover up while riding on your Hoverboards but don’t forget to have some fun!

We all know that the Hoverboard heatwave doesn’t usually last long. Due to this, we have a BIG SALE for those wishing to make the most of it. Grab yourself some of our best Hoverboards UK for sale at great value! With up to 75% off our original HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboards, you’d be mad to miss out.

Hoverboard Heatwave UK

Hoverboard heatwave Hoverboards UK Swegway

The Hoverboard Heatwave UK is underway! Temperatures are set to soar this weekend with Sunday being the hottest day in June so far. We live for these moments. The chance to grab a Hoverboard for sale from our store and whip around under the scorching hot sun! There’s no better feeling that riding on your UK Swegway and Hoverboard while the warm breeze hits your face.

We know that you all want a Hoverboard. This is why we’ve made it easier than ever to purchase a Swegway. With our huge Flash Sale and FREE next day delivery, you could grab a Self-Balancing Scooter in a day! Take advantage of the Hoverboard Heatwave over the next few days with one of our amazing range of Hoverboards for sale.

If you’re in a rush to purchase a Hoverboard for sale before the weather credits are up, then you’ve come to the right place. Beware of purchasing Hoverboards from eBay as these cheap scooters are often drop-shipped from China. This can be an issue for a number of reasons, listed below:

  1. If your purchase is from eBay, the seller is unsolicited and you’ll probably not hear from them again.
  2. Your product is probably drop-shipped directly from china. Therefore, you can expect your Hoverboard 30 days later.
  3. Your product will be unsafe. This is the biggest issue when purchasing a cheap Hoverboard for sale from eBay. Cheap Hoverboards are often built using cheap electrical components and cheap batteries. Therefore, you can be landing yourself in trouble. Avoid putting yourself or loved ones in danger by instead purchasing from a genuine Hoverboard company.

HOVERBOARD PRO is a UK-based registered Hoverboard company specialising in Swegways from UK Design. We’re not just an online store. We also have a physical retail shop based in Leeds, West Yorkshire!

Hoverboards UK

Hoverboards UK Hoverboard Heatwave 2018

Purchase Hoverboards from UK Design and enjoy the Hoverboard Heatwave this week! With forecasts expected to reach up to 30C, you’d be mad to miss out on this moment of sunshine.

According to the Met Office, there’s a heatwave on the way. High pressure currently centred to the west of Ireland will bring plenty of fine, sunny and warm weather to the UK this weekend. So jump on your Hoverboards and make the most of this moment!

Furthermore, the Met Office also warns that as we move into the start of next week, we’ll see temperatures rise even further. Saturday and Sunday morning will start cool and fresh, but temperatures will soon rise throughout the week ahead.

We’re helping our customers make the most out of this weather by reducing our prices for a limited time only! Take advantage of our Flash Sale and get up to 75% off our original prices for all Hoverboards UK!

However, be sure to take some care when out in the sun:

Want more information about our Hoverboards UK? If so, get in touch with us by calling 0113 320 2299 or using our Live Chat service below!


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