Triple J Hoverboard Dance Video UK Swegways

Triple J’s Hoverboard dance video: we love it!

We came across one of Triple J’s videos and this time we love it. The amazing Hoverboard dance video shows them dancing on their Hoverboards like pro’s!

Hoverboard Dance Videos UK Swegways

From time to time, HOVERBOARD PRO showcase some of the latest videos on the internet. We often come across videos that spark an interest to us and feel that we should share them with you all. On this occasion, we’ve come across yet another video from the Triple J’s.

The Triple J’s are not new to us. We previously showcased some of their fantastic Hoverboards tricks in a previous article. Although we do some talent spotting ourselves, we often get recognition too!

Last week HOVERBOARD PRO received an e-mail from the Triple J’s themselves. Surprised by their ability to find us (while we’re a British company based in the UK) they got in touch thanking HOVERBOARD PRO for showing the video.

Whilst we get hundreds of e-mails a day, we were happy to see that such a talented group of individuals went out of their way to follow a passion and recognise those who recognise them 🙂

If like the Triple J’s you would like your Hoverboard Dance Video showcased on our page, please get in touch.

Hoverboard Dance Video

In this Hoverboard Dance Video, the Triple J’s cover ‘Too Good at Goodbyes’. We love the choreography and creativity invested in creating this video. We’re very happy that the Triple J’s got in touch with us as we probably wouldn’t have found this video until later.

Take a look at their YouTube page and see their other funky Hoverboard videos. It’s a great source of inspiration for those looking to spice up their Hoverboard experience. From Hoverboard tricks, Hoverboard dances and Hoverboard games, we’ve seen them all!

Do you have a Hoverboard Dance Video that you want to share with us? If so, please email it to If we like it, we’ll feature it on our page!

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