Hoverboard Safety Concerns

Hoverboard Safety Concerns…

They’re likely to be one of the must-have presents this Christmas but warnings have been given out about hoverboard safety:

Hoverboard Safety Concerns

You might have noticed that Swegways have been on the limelight recently for a different reason: a lot of them are not safe and do not adhere to British & European Standards! We warned you guys about hoverboard safety…


Fire Safety Warning Over UK Hoverboards

One of the biggest concerns that many of us have been warned about is the risk of fire when charging your Hoverboards & Swegways.


It’s been reported that some of the Hoverboards & Swegways on sale in the UK could have parts which catch fire. The image above is taken by a father who purchased a cheap Swegway from Amazon that delivered the product directly from China. Products such as this have not been given the care and attention that is befitting to British and European standards of trade.


Why do Swegways Catch Fire?

Swegways that are purchased and imported directly from China and other unknown sources have not been given the due diligence of insuring that the products are safe. Although all Swegways are manufactured in China, it is up to the Vendor to make sure that during the manufacturing process the right materials and specifications are used so as to ensure the safety of the customer and at the very least meeting UK and European standards of quality and safety.

Many products that you will find on Amazon, E-Bay and the likes will come directly from China without any attention to Hoverboard safety which outline in this article.

The plug ports are not safe and will not be fused, the batteries will be China standard batteries that are likely to fault or not have a cut-off point leading it likely to blow, and will last a short time before they wear away.


What Makes HOVERBOARD-PRO UK Hoverboards Safe?

Safe UK Swegways

Our classic UK Swegways have been built specifically for our UK market, to meet British and European standards.

UK Swegway Safe Samsung Battery SegwayPro Plug Safe

Our batteries are official Samsung heavy duty, with UK-designed and manufactured BS1 Approved fused plugs.

For the safety of our customers we chose to supply original UK plugs directly from UK supply. For this reason, we single handedly open each box before dispatch to double check that each one is supplied with our UK plugs and fuses. Not the Chinese built “UK” style plugs.

Our product has been CE inspected and marked, and batteries ASDS inspected for further safety.

Swegways-MSDS-Safety-Checked Swegway Safety Certificates

Our product comes with a 12 months warranty and an in-house component centre should there be any issues.

At HOVERBOARD-PRO, we pride ourselves in having the safest UK Swegways on the market and much efforts have gone in to making sure this is indeed the case.


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