NEW Hoverboard Hoverkarts & Carts for Sale

We’re excited to announce the release of our NEW Hoverboard Hoverkarts & Carts for Sale! With all the latest funky designs to choose from, find yours today!

Our latest range of Hoverkarts for sale brings with it a wave of funky new designs and patterns. Take a look at our amazing new upgraded Hoverboard Cart designs ranging from regular colours to funky patterns.


The Hoverkart is a new Hoverboard accessory that enables the rider to convert their Hoverboard into a Go-Kart! It’s the latest craze and for good reason, too. There’s nothing more exhilarating than zooming down with your Hoverkart like a Go-Kart at full speed.

Our Hoverboard Hoverkarts & Carts for Sale now come in 10 different colours and pattern designs. Due to this, customers are now able to match their Hoverboard with their Kart or add a little more funk to their style and character.

The latest Hoverkart designs also include the upgraded frame and body allowing for a more robust ride. The old “trolley wheel” has been upgraded to a more rubbery texture, allowing better cushioning to your ride.

Each Hoverkart for sale comes can be purchased on its own or alongside any of our amazing Hoverboard and Hoverkart bundle deals.

Want more information about our Hoverboard Hoverkarts & Carts for Sale? If so, get in touch with our Hoverboard specialists on 0113 320 2299 or use our Live Chat service below.

Hoverboard Hoverkarts for Sale

Hoverboard Hoverkarts & Carts for Sale

Each Hoverboard Hoverkarts & Carts for Sale come in various colours and designs to choose from, such as:

  • RED
  • PINK
  • BLUE

So if you’ve chosen a funky Hoverboard design then extend this funk to your Hoverkart frame too. For example, customers who are purchasing a Blue Galaxy Hoverboard design can now match this design with our exclusive Blue Galaxy Hoverkarts & Carts for sale.

To save you even more money, our BIG pre-Christmas sale includes a load of bundles on offer. Take a look at our available Hoverboard Hoverkarts and Carts for sale and save yourself up to 75% off!

Our Hoverboard and Cart bundles range from just £219.99 to £289.99 depending on the model of your choice. Each bundle includes a free carrying case as well as next day delivery and 12-month warranty.

Furthermore, our Hoverboard Hoverkarts & Carts for Sale are all fully certified under British directives of safety. This means that our Hoverboards undergo strict regulatory procedures which guarantee the authenticity, safety and reliability throughout.

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