Hoverboard Sale: Guaranteed Delivery Before Christmas!

It’s not too late to put a smile on someones face this Xmas! Purchase a board during our Hoverboard sale NOW and get guaranteed delivery before Christmas!

Hoverboard Sale Guaranteed delivery before Xmas

HOVERBOARD-PRO is the UK’s most reputable Hoverboard company providing the best in Premium Hoverboards for sale UK. It’s still not too late to grab yourself the best deals on Hoverboards for sale with guaranteed delivery before Christmas. With so many websites selling Hoverboards, we understand it’s a tough decision to make!

Time is running out as we finally reach the month of December. With less than 21 days to go until Christmas, we know you must be getting a little anxious. Not to fear, however. HOVERBOARD-PRO provide you with free next day delivery running throughout the month of December 2018. All our Hoverboards get same day dispatch for next day delivery via DPD next day service. Due to this, customers will get Guaranteed Delivery before Christmas!

If you need some advice about which Hoverboard is best for you or your child, then get in touch! Our lines are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Alternatively, you may choose to talk to one of our Hoverboard specialists via our Live Chat service. Whatever your choice, however, you can rest assured we will be with you every step of the way. We want you to have a wonderful Christmas and want to be a part of making your day truly special. So take advantage of our guaranteed delivery before Xmas offer and purchase a premium Hoverboard for sale TODAY.

If you need any further information about our Guaranteed Delivery before Christmas then please get in touch on 0113 320 2299.

Hoverboard Sale: Guaranteed Delivery before Christmas

Hoverboard Sale Guaranteed delivery before Christmas

Purchase any of our Hoverboards TODAY and receive guaranteed delivery before Christmas. We guarantee that if you purchase a Swegway today, we’ll dispatch your Hoverboards right away on our next day courier service DPD. We know just how little time there is left until Christmas. With December already in full swing, we’re working extra hard to guarantee that no customer will be left empty-handed for Christmas! This is a promise. We have been providing Premium Hoverboards to our UK consumers over four Christmases so far. Not only does our experience provide peace of mind but our history tells the story of never letting you down.

We have plenty of stock at HOVERBOARD-PRO. As one of the largest independent Swegway and Hoverboard specialist in the UK, we have a wide selection of boards to choose from. Simply take a look at our online shop and discover the many varieties of Hoverboards for sale. Whatever you choose we will guarantee that it arrives with you quickly, efficiently, safely and guaranteed before Christmas. Our DPD next day delivery service is one of the UK’s most efficient and reliable courier company in the country. This, coupled with HOVERBOARD-PRO’s guarantee you can relax knowing you’ve got a happy child this Christmas.

Once your order has been picked up from our centre, we will provide you with tracking information so that you can trace your parcel in real-time. That way, you can have the peace of mind you need, knowing where your parcel is each step of the way.

For more information about our Hoverboard Sale and our Guaranteed delivery before Christmas please contact us. Our telephone lines are open 24/7 on 0113 320 2299. Alternatively use the Live Chat function below.

Hoverboard Shop: Same Day Collection

Hoverboard Shop Same Day Collection

HOVERBOARD PRO is one of the few companies to also have a physical Hoverboard Shop. Fancy picking up a Hoverboard on the same day? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have our very own retail store based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. For those with no confidence purchasing a Hoverboard online at this time of year can visit our shop to collect a Hoverboard in person. That’s right, we have opened a Hoverboard shop to offer a bespoke service for all our UK Swegway customers.

Since the opening of our retail store in Leeds, we have had many customers choosing to pick up a Hoverboard in person. For those who wish to do the same can come along and buy one of our fully certified UK Hoverboards for sale in store. That’s one way of having Guaranteed Delivery before Christmas!

Our Hoverboards for sale come with 12-month warranty included. This means that should something go wrong with the components of your Hoverboard during this time, then we will cover the parts and labour cost of getting it repaired for you. Furthermore, our warranty centre is based in Leeds, meaning that we’re only a day away from receiving your parcel back. The fact that we are a UK-based business means that we can have your board back up and running all within days.

Reputable UK Hoverboard Company

Many hoax Hoverboard companies seem to be popping up at this time of year, especially during Xmas. Unfortunately, many of these online companies have no history of activity and seem to be offering unbelievably cheap Hoverboards for sale. There is a very strong likelihood that this company will either not fulfil your order for you (a scam!) or your product will arrive too late. In some cases, the product not arriving is a blessing in disguise. This is due to the potential harm this may cause to you or your household should the product not be safe.

HOVERBOARD-PRO is the UK’s leading Hoverboard company offering premium Swegways at affordable prices. We have been advocates of safe boards since 2015. If you would like to know more information about Hoverboards and their safety then please get in touch with us. We’d be more than glad to help!

Want more information about how to get Guaranteed Delivery before Christmas? If so, please give us a call. Our telephone lines are open 24/7 on 0113 320 2299.


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