Which Hoverboard is best for me?

With many Hoverboard models on the market how do I know which Hoverboard is best for me? This article will help you choose the best Hoverboards for sale according to your requirements.

which Hoverboard best for me UK Swegway

It’s almost Christmas and time is running out to get the most wanted gift that your child has been asking for. However, with so many Hoverboard models out there, how do you know which Hoverboard is best for your child?

Due to this being a regular question, we think you may find it more useful if we write an article about it. The great misconception about which Hoverboard is suitable for your child is not due to their age. In fact, age is not the major factor when figuring out which Hoverboard is best.

The Hoverboard gyroscopic sensors are activated by using the individuals body weight. Therefore, the main factor is how much your child weighs and whether they reach the minimum weight requirement for these to activate properly.

For example, if the gyroscopic sensors require a minimum 20kg and your child is below this weight then they may cause vibrating and shuddering when being ridden on. Therefore, we would not recommend that your child uses the Hoverboard unless on a Hoverkart.

The Hoverkart is the alternative due to no minimum weight being required to ride the Hoverboard. This is due to the gyroscopes instead being activated using the handlebars rather than the individuals body-weight.

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Which Hoverboard is best for me?

which Hoverboard is best for me UK Swegways

At HOVERBOARD-PRO we’re introducing some of the best Hoverboards for sale exclusively to the British market. Made from UK Design, we’re proud of the Swegways that we bring to you.

However, with 3 sizes to choose from, how do you know which Hoverboard is best for your child? In this article, we’ll break down each model and provide insight on to their benefits.

6.5-inch Hoverboards UK

Hoverboard for Sale UK M1X Lilac Disco Swegway

The 6.5 inch Hoverboards for sale are the most popular range of Swegways for sale. Mainly due to their value for money and all-round capabilities. These size Hoverboards come in two different types; the Classic Hoverboard and the Disco Hoverboard. Whichever of the two 6.5 inch models you choose, the riding style is pretty much the same.

The 6.5 inch Hoverboards are best for indoor use and some outdoor use. Due to their low ground clearance we recommend only using it outdoors if the ground is flat and even. In addition to this, the Hoverboard is not water-resistant. Therefore, we recommend not riding them on any wet or damp surfaces as you may risk damaging the internal components of the Hoverboard.

The 6.5 inch Hoverboard is refined to perfection. We love this model and are confident that should you choose this to be the best Hoverboard for your child they will absolutely love it too.

Take a look at the full range of 6.5 inch Hoverboards here.

8.5-inch Hoverboards UK

Green-Camo Hummer Off-Road Hoverboard for sale UK

The 8.5 inch Hoverboards for sale are magnificent. These are the most robust Hoverboards on the market today. If you’re thinking of riding the Hoverboard mainly outdoors, then we recommend this model.

Due to the IP54 water-resistant grading, this Hoverboard provides the extra layer of protection that no other model offers. Riders can confidently enjoy their Hoverboard outdoors with this model. With the extra 2 inch of ground clearance, it’s also able to tackle terrain far better than the 6.5 inch Hoverboard. These models are great for those who use them indoors as much as they use them outdoors.

Equipped with all the latest technology and features, the Hummer 8.5 inch Hoverboards UK are our flagship Swegways for sale.

Take a look at our full range of 8.5 inch Hummer Hoverboards for sale here.

10-inch Hoverboards UK

Hoverboard Sale UK X10 Mammoth Graffiti

The 10 inch Mammoth Hoverboards for sale are the largest of the Swegway models available. With a huge 10 inch tyre this Hoverboard offers the largest ground clearance against any other board. Furthermore, the 10 inch Mammoth  Hoverboard is also the only Swegway with an inflatable tyre. Due to this, the Mammoth offers the smoothest riding experience than any other model.

So if you’re thinking of riding your Hoverboard on bumpy surfaces, then this is the best Hoverboard for you. However, please note that just like the 6.5 inch range, this Hoverboard is not water-resistant. Therefore, we recommend keeping it away from wet or damp surfaces.




Did you know that HOVERBOARD PRO is one of the longest running Hoverboard companies based in England? Est. in 2015 as a wholly UK-Based company we have grown from strength to strength providing the UK consumer with genuine Hoverboards made from British design.

All our Hoverboards undergo strict independent testing in order to be awarded with full certifications under British directives of safety. These certifications include UL, CE, RoHS and battery testing compliance.

So if you’re looking for genuine Hoverboards made from British design for sale exclusively to the UK market then look no further. We bring you the widest selection of Hoverboards for sale!

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