Hoverboards: Technology Transforming Travel

Hoverboards are becoming one of the reasons for technology transforming travel in the UK. Tech companies are pushing Hoverboards to be legal on UK Roads. One of the primary reasons for this is the lack of pollution and traffic due to the eco-friendly nature of the Hoverboard.

Hoverboards technology transforming travel UK roads

Not only are technology companies pushing for the Hoverboard to be legalised on UK roads for pollution and traffic reasons, but also to motivate the younger generation to be fit and healthy. This is a more advantageous way to commute rather than taking public transport from one destination to another.

However, the few arguments thrown back by the government is that all motor vehicles such as cars, motorbikes and lorries would not be tolerant enough to a bunch of Hoverboards or Electric Scooters on highways or main roads. Having said this, results show that in Amsterdam and Paris for example, where the law has already been altered, the Hoverboard has rapidly found a place in the urban transport category. This shows that they can be safe and just as efficient to use as other vehicles.

Hoverboards Involved in Law Change Against Ban on UK roads

Hoverboards Involved Law Change Against Ban UK roads

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has been a key element to pushing forward the law allowing Hoverboards to be used on UK roads and pavements. Sadiq Khan has said that the legalisation of the Hoverboard and Electric Scooter will encourage more people to stay active. Furthermore, many cities across the UK are being urged to purchase electronic transport vehicles such as electric bicycles, Hoverboards and Electric Scooters to help tackle obesity.

Recent studies show that over the past year 50,000 Hoverboards and Electric scooters have been sold in the UK. If the government legalise the use of Hoverboards and Electric Scooters on UK roads this number may potentially sky-rocket. It will certainly be the technology transforming travel. This will also open up many more job opportunities that could help more local businesses grow.

Pollution levels are at an all time high, according to recent studies. Due to this, many companies and pressure-groups are pushing forward the use of eco-friendly vehicles as a primary method of transport. The Hoverboard is an eco-friendly and sufficient way to travel around the city. In the event that they be legalised for public road use, Hoverboards will be on course to becoming the technology transforming travel in the UK.

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