UK Hoverboards from British Design

At HOVERBOARD PRO we are proud to offer the best of UK Hoverboards from British Design. Hoverboards for sale from British design, bespoke for the British customer.

UK Hoverboards from British Design

Established in 2015,  has been grown rapidly to become one of the most reputable UK Hoverboard specialists. Our ethos is simple. To consistently strive at providing the safest, most reliable UK Hoverboards from British Design.

Unlike many other alleged UK Hoverboard companies, we are wholly UK-BASED. In fact, we don’t sell Hoverboards for sale to any other place other than the UK. Due to this, we make sure that our Hoverboards are from bespoke design under UK specification. In addition to this, our Hoverboards undergo inspections right here in England by an independent testing station for 100% authenticity, safety and reliability. Awarded with prestigious British certifications to authenticate the safety of our products, we’re of the very few to have a proper British designed Hoverboard.

Our certifications not only offers the customer with peace of mind. It is our mission to make sure that each of our boards are 100% Safe certified. These certifications include RoHS, UL, CE, MSDS and more.

Our Hoverboard specialists undergo strict compliance testing under all British Directives of safety and reliability. The step to achieving this is through our design implementation. Our team of Swegway specialists carefully select each component which makes up the Hoverboard that you ride. That way, we can be sure that our Hoverboards are from bespoke British design just how we want them to be.

Want to know how we do this and how this benefits you when purchasing a UK Hoverboard from British design? If so, read on!

UK Hoverboards from British Design & Specification

So what does it mean when we say our Hoverboards are from British design and Specification? Let us explain..

UK Hoverboards from British Design Sale

As you may probably know, most gadgets you see are “Made in China”. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that the gadget is unsafe, it does mean that you need to be mindful of a few things. This is especially the case when purchasing a Hoverboard for sale.

Yes, all Hoverboards (whether you like it or not) are made in China. However, in the same way your iPhone is “designed in California, made in China”, our Hoverboards are designed in the UK. Due to the sheer volume of manufacturers trying to make a Yen or two, there’s so many places a vendor can choose to make a Hoverboard.

Therefore, it is entirely up to the vendor what kind of materials they use, how safe these materials are and whether they undergo testing for safety and reliability under British soil. Many factories provide the cheapest services to the vendor in order to break a deal. The cheaper a Hoverboard costs the seller to build, the cheaper he can sell it to you. While this sounds great for the buyer, it causes many issues in terms of safety and reliability that the buyer always regrets.

This is the reason we warn people against purchasing items from eBay or Amazon. This is due to sellers providing unreliable Hoverboards directly from China without any due care or attention to the UK consumer. It is due to this that many customers put their children’s safety at risk, or end up paying more when things go wrong far too early on.

Hoverboards for sale from British Design

Affordable Hoverboards UK Sale Swegways

At HOVERBOARD PRO all our Hoverboards for sale are from British Design. This means that we carefully select and choose the components which go in to your Hoverboard. Of course, being a wholly UK-based company and selling only to our British customers, we make it bespoke for you. This means that our Hoverboards are more reliable, of better quality and far safer than the average Hoverboards for sale floating around the internet.

Upon designing our favourite Hoverboards, the HOVERBOARD team visit the factory where these designs become reality. This enables us to ensure that our designs are truly put in place for our customers to enjoy. Furthermore, this process enables us to quality control our products prior to them arriving at our UK warehouse.

Once our Hoverboards arrive here in England, there’s only one more thing to do. Prior to putting our Hoverboards for sale we make sure they undergo proper independent testing. It is this stage which gives us most pride. Our Hoverboard tests carry out all the required testing reports to authenticate and certify our Hoverboards before they reach you. It is due to this that our Hoverboards are 100% UK certified under all British directives of safety.

If you have any further queries about our UK Hoverboards for sale then please contact our helpful team. Our telephone lines are open 24/7 on 0113 320 2299.

Hoverboards from UK Stock

All our Hoverboards are from UK Stock. This means that there is no oversees shipping required. We often warn customers against purchasing from a company that either doesn’t answer the telephone or is not a registered UK business. Unfortunately, there are many hoax companies selling knock-off Hoverboards.

Luckily however, there’s HOVERBOARD PRO. A UK tax-paying VAT registered business proud to do things proper. By purchasing a Hoverboard from us, you’re purchasing safety and peace of mind. Furthermore, you’re enjoying all the perks of obtaining a Hoverboard from UK Stock. This includes:

  • FREE next day delivery
  • FREE 12-month in-house warranty service
  • 100% UK certified Hoverboards
  • Reliable and efficient service
  • 24/7 UK customer support
  • Doing business with like-minded people; we know the needs of our consumers more than anyone else

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself an excellent deal on our most reliable UK Hoverboards from British Design TODAY.


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