Hoverkarts for Hoverboard: Best selling UK Swegway accessory

Since the release of the Hoverkarts for Hoverboard, the Go-Kart attachment for the UK Swegway accessory has been a number one seller! Purchase yours TODAY. Purchase yours TODAY at our online Hoverboard shop.

Hoverkarts for Hoverboard cheap UK Swegway accessory SALE

Over the last year or so, HOVERBOARD PRO has been selling the best UK Swegway accessory since the existence of the Hoverboard. As of last year, customers are able to convert their Hoverboard in to a Go-Kart thanks to Hoverkarts for Hoverboard for sale.

It is no mystery however that these accessories have been the UK number one seller. Since its feature on ITV’s ThisMorning show, the Hoverkarts for Hoverboards are selling like mad! Customers can purchase their Hoverkarts for Hoverboards from our online store right here at HOVERBOARD PRO.

There is no end to the fun on your Hoverboard. By purchasing a Hoverkart, you can now convert your UK Swegway in to a Go-Kart! That’s right, riders can now sit on their Kart attachments and whizz along the path just like a real Go-Kart!

In this article we will highlight the best Hoverkarts for Hoverboard for sale. Want more information about our UK Swegway Accessories? If so, please contact us on 0113 320 2299. Our lines are open 24/7!

Hoverkarts for Hoverboard Sale UK

Hoverkarts for Hoverboard Sale UK

Looking to purchase Hoverkarts for Hoverboard for sale in the UK? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. HOVERBOARD PRO has one of the largest varieties of Hoverboards and Hoverkarts for sale exclusively online and in-store.

Convert your UK Swegway in to a Go-Kart thanks to this amazing Hoverkart UK Swegway accessory! We have a large selection of different types of Karts for you to choose from. For example, our Original Hoverkarts come with a selection of colours including black, red, white and blue. Due to this, customers can choose a Hoverkart that reflects their character, as well as their Hoverboard too!

Have you seen our Hoverkart Bundles? We have special offers for customers who want to purchase a Hoverboard as well as a Hoverkart together. In the Hoverkart Bundle, customers can buy a Hoverboard and Hoverkart for even better value! Save yourself some money by bundling it in to one single purchase. That way, you’ll be getting the best in Hoverboards, UK Swegways and Hoverkarts for sale for even less than our original prices. That’s what Hoverkart Bundles are for!

BIG Summer Sale: Hoverkarts for Hoverboard UK

Summer Sale Hoverkarts for Hoverboard UK Swegway accessory

Due to our BIG Summer Sale, we’re giving away Hoverkarts for Hoverboard UK at even better value. Purchase today and grab yourself an amazing deal on our Hoverboards for sale. With up to 75% off our original prices, you’d be insane to let the countdown clock beat you!

As part of our BIG Summer Sale, customers who purchase a Hoverboard, Hoverkart or UK Swegway Bundle will receive the following perks:

  1. FREE carrier case included on all Hoverboard and Hoverkart bundle purchases
  2. FREE next day delivery for all Hoverboards, UK Swegway Accessories and Hoverkart Bundles
  3. 12-month warranty included on all Hoverboards for sale

As well as this, we provide all our customers with 24-hour support throughout the lifetime of their Hoverboard. This is in line with our commitment to being the UK #1 Hoverboard Company.

There are many reasons why HOVERBOARD PRO is the UK’s most reputable Hoverboard seller. Don’t take our word for it, however. Simply take a look at our excellent reviews on TrustPilot here. We’re an independent Hoverboard Company specialising in UK Swegways for sale. As a 100% UK-based company, we’re super-proud of where we’ve come from.

A proper Hoverboard Shop

Est. in 2015, HOVERBOARD PRO is and has always been based in our hometown of Leeds, West Yorkshire. However, since our establishment we have grown massively to service our nationwide customers throughout the UK. With centre in the North and South of England, we are now one of the largest and most reputable Hoverboard sellers in the country.

Want more information about our BIG Summer Sale or Hoverkarts for Hoverboards UK? If so, please give us a call on 0113 320 2299. Our lines are open 24-hours! However, if you prefer to speak to someone online, then please use our Live Chat service on the bottom right hand side of our homepage.

Hoverkart Bundles: Hoverkarts & Hoverboards sale UK

Hoverkarts and Hoverboards for sale UK

At HOVERBOARD PRO we have a wide selection of Hoverkart Bundles, Hoverkarts and Hoverboards for Sale. Our UK Swegways vary according to design and colour. However, as do our Hoverkarts. Due to this, we have created a selection of our best Hoverkart Bundle deals just for you.

Our Hoverkart Bundles allow customers to get the best out of their Hoverboards for sale while saving extra value on their Go-Kart accessory. For each Hoverboard model and colour available, we have created a special Bundle Deal. Due to this, customers can now select their favourite Hoverboard for sale directly from the Bundle page and away they go!

Get yourself a Hoverkart with one of our amazing Hoverkart Bundles here:

  1. 6.5-inch Disco Hoverboard Bundle
  2. 6.5-inch Phoenix Hoverboard and Hoverkart Bundle
  3. 8.5-inch Off-Road Hummer Hoverboard Bundle
  4. 10-inch Mammoth Hoverkarts and Hoverboards Bundle

Did you know that all our Hoverboards for sale are made 100% from UK Design and are UK Compliant? Each single UK Swegway for sale at HOVERBOARD PRO is UK tested and verified for UK Compliance. Due to this, we guarantee 100% safety and reliability for each UK Swegway for sale.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase Hoverkarts for Hoverboards TODAY with one of our amazing Hoverkart bundles!

Want more information about our UK Swegways, Hoverkarts and Hoverboards for sale? If so, give us a call on 0113 320 2299 or use our Live Chat service below.


View our full range of Hoverboards at our online shop HERE.

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