Learn How To Use A Hoverboard

The HOVERBOARD actually is the trend of our time!

They are undoubtedly the most wished gift for the last decade and the most prevailing one even in 2020. I don’t believe there is any kid, youth or even an adult who wants to skip the swag.

how to use a Hoverboard UK

Moreover, the good news is they are no more as expensive as they were in the ’80s when they were newly introduced. And far safer than ever with its UL Certifications.

Now you can get your best Hoverboard, at the best prices, with the best hoverboard accessories, that guarantee fun, safety, and protection. But still, be aware that the market is full of fakes as well. Therefore, to guarantee yourself an official Hoverboard UK from HOVERBOARD-PRO.

The number of Hoverboard users are increasing in number day by day. Due to this, we do naturally see more videos related to Hoverboard incidents (mostly harmless) getting more common and often viral. Luckily, however, Hoverboards are very easy to use. The only thing riders should keep in mind is that they’re a bit tricky as well at first – but only at first!

Some riders compare hovering more to swimming. This is because the main thing that will keep you safe from drowning while swimming is by staying focused and relaxed. Similarly, while riding the Hoverboard, if you are well-balanced and focused you are at minimum risk of falling down or riding oddly.

In this article, we are going to share the top tips and tricks to learn how to use a Hoverboard. We hope that you find it highly beneficial in reducing the risk of falling off and doubling the excitement. So let’s hover to the best tips:

Riding a Hoverboard for the first time: Start with your best foot

how to ride a Hoverboard UK

You may be ready to rock the roads with your newly arrived Hoverboard but don’t yet have prior experience of Hovering around. We recommend that you start with the foot that is strong enough to take that initiative.

Yes, like right and left hand there is one stronger limb within your feet as well. you just need to check the strength by standing on one foot and determine which one is better to maintain the balance. Once you are aware of your strength, step up!

Hoverboard Standing Posture

Can anyone ride Hoverboard UK

Now when you are putting both feet on the board. The other important thing to understand is that your Hoverboard is going to follow your body language, i.e it’s going to move as your posture will indicate.

So avoid standing with bent knees or a clumsy posture looking at your feet. The more straight you will stand, the more balanced you will feel. Furthermore, you will be at minimum risk of falling down and getting injured.

Initial Hoverboard Practice

In a true Hoverboard guide you are always directed to be vigilant with your environment while you are just a beginner. We strongly recommend riders go for a fall-friendly environment that is comparatively softer and safer even if you fall.

Initial Backward Forward Movements

The most initial move which you should practice first is to shift your weight from one foot to another without taking the foot off from your Hoverboard. Eventually, you’ll be able to manage the weight according to your will and engage with your reflexes. Practice the forward and backward movement in the first place without poking your nose to the tougher and more technical ones.

Move Like A [Hoverboard] Pro

Hoverboards how work HOVERBOARD PRO

The other step you need to practice is turning. This is more or less all the effort of your ankles as the secret is in the foot tilt. You need to put a bit more pressure and lean forward with the right foot if the right side is your intended direction.

And if you want to try the circle trick, put pressure on the left side and then accomplish the twist with the right foot.

Practice Different Surfaces with your Hoverboard

Off-Road Swegway Hoverboard Sale UK Hummer

When you become a pro in no time, you need to practice a little more on several other terrain surfaces. At first, try practising indoors on carpet or on the grass in order to familiarise yourself with the strength of your Hoverboard.

Your Hoverboard will definitely consume more battery when riding on tough surfaces. Equally, riding on smooth surfaces will increase the longevity of your battery.

Moreover, if you are required to climb inclined slopes then you need to know that your position is going to be a bit forward instead of straight in order to tackle the gradient.

How To Get Off Your Hoverboard

Now I hope you have learned how to use a hoverboard? However, there is another important aspect and that is how to quit the ride or how to get off your Hoverboard. It is no less than a safe landing indeed.

When you are intending to reduce the speed of your hoverboard or actually want to stop your Hoverboard you need to follow a few instructions 

  • Never step down forward when you are getting off your hoverboard, otherwise, chances are bright that you will fall off or even get injured.
  • Lean a bit backward and decrease the speed before stopping it completely.


  • If your hoverboard is a Mammoth 10″  or an All-terrain Hummer Hoverboard, chances are that they are strong. However, you need to be more vigilant with them as well.


  • 7% of reported injuries and incidents are caused due to over-excitement. Try not to get too excited that you decide to ride it immediately without any safety measures or practice.


  • Avoid over-excitement and be patient if you have received your favourite HOVERBOARD UK. You’ll surely get to ride it eventually!


  • Never forget to put on your safety gear no matter if you are a beginner or a Pro.


  • Never overcharge your Hoverboard and always look for a UL certification.


  • Always try to buy a Hoverboard with lights as you need to Hover at night as well. LED lights are necessary for safety during the night.


  • Always look at our Hoverboard Guides for an expert opinion about any kind of purchase or query about Hoverboards UK.