The Hoverboard: a dream of every youngster to one day own one. This nifty gadget has become remarkably famous within just a few years. This super cool gadget gets so much hype that many brands are now manufacturing Hoverboards for sale. As a result, shelves are packed with so many different brands of the Hoverboard, making it difficult for buyers to choose between the best Hoverboard and the worst.


In such a scenario, people are ending up buying low-quality Hoverboards which not only puts your life at risk but is also quite expensive to make right again.

So, instead of wasting your hard-earned money on buying poor quality Hoverboards, you’re better off researching a little before grabbing one from a list of the best hoverboard.

Frankly speaking, quality is not the only factor that has to be considered. There is also a lot more to consider about Hoverboards such as speed, weight, range, battery, safety certifications, and much more.

So for your ease, we have compiled a detailed and comprehensive buyer’s guide that will show you a clear picture of what features you should consider before buying the best Hoverboard for sale. We have categorized the hoverboard features into basic features and additional features.

So let’s begin!

Basic Features

Safe Hoverboards & Swegways UK


When planning to buy a Hoverboard, be sure to read in detail about the safety certifications.

Let us help you with it…

Actually, when hoverboards were introduced into the market, there were reports of many Hoverboards catching fire due to wiring issues and bad batteries. After such reports, Hoverboards got banned in certain parts of the world.

At that time, there wasn’t any proper testing procedure for Hoverboards being enforced.

Luckily, Underwriter Laboratories (UL), an international science and safety company make some standardized quality assurance procedures for Hoverboards. These standards are called UL-2272.

Now, the majority of Hoverboards available in the market are UL 2272 certified, which means that now Hoverboards have gone through dozen of rigorous tests include overcharging tests, short circuit tests, and many others.

Unfortunately, however, some sellers are still giving away low-quality and unsafe Hoverboards with no legitimate safety certifications at all.

So always look for UL certification marks on your Hoverboard. This is very important for the safety of all users. This will give you peace of mind that your Hoverboard is completely safe and will not explode or catch fire.


Hoverboards UK Samsung Battery UK Swegways

A Hoverboard is a battery operated gadget, so you should check its battery.

For battery safety, there are UL 2271 standards in place.

A battery that doesn’t have UL 2271 certifications may cause great harm to you.

Usually, Samsung and LG manufactured battery cells are UL 2271 certified lithium-ion batteries. So I would suggest you buy those hoverboards which use Samsung or LG batteries, as they are UL 2271 certified. Also, they are durable and longer-lasting.


Motors are like the heart of the Hoverboard. The Hoverboard without a motor is of no use.

Since the Hoverboard has two wheels, it would naturally come with two motors. For each wheel, there is one motor to propel it.

If you want a speedy Hoverboard, you’ll need to look for higher watts motor. However, be sure that they’re reliable, too.

Usually, Hoverboards have 250 watts of a dual motor which gives combined power of 500 watts. At HOVERBOARD-PRO, we provide 350w dual motors (700w combined). This much power is perfect for a Hoverboard without compromising on power, reliability or safety. Such type of Hoverboard can give a smooth ride on a plane and smooth surface as well as gravel and muddy path with full speed.


The Hoverboard wheel motors and batteries are solely responsible for giving amazing speed and range.

These two are the most attractive parts of any Hoverboard for sale. Youngsters usually fall in love with the speed and range of Hoverboards.

Range of a Hoverboard is highly dependent upon the battery. If the Hoverboard is completely charged, it will easily achieve its range otherwise you will experience a decrease in range of your Hoverboard.

Using high-quality batteries will let you enjoy your Hoverboard for a longer period.

As far as the speed of Hoverboard is concerned, you may find as low as 6mph speed and as high as 12 mph speeds of the Hoverboard. Some Hoverboards offer more than 12 mph speed.

But whatever the speed may be, it all depends upon the motor and battery.

The more powerful the motors are, the higher will be the speed of the Hoverboard.

Let me tell you one thing; the top speed of the Hoverboard highly depends upon road conditions and riders’ weight. If you are buying a hoverboard for kids, it is recommended to look for an average speed Hoverboard. For adults and teenagers, speedy Hoverboards are best.


The charging time of the Hoverboard varies among different brands. Some Hoverboards take 1.5 hours to charge completely whereas some may take 3-4 hours. It all depends upon the battery that they are using.

Therefore, if you are buying a Hoverboard which has a high-quality battery then automatically you will experience less time in charging. However, be mindful that sometimes the less number of cells may also mean less charge time, which is not good either.

We understand that Hoverboards taking a long time to charge can be quite irritating for youngsters as they are meant for the recreational purpose and not for charging all day. However, be sure to know what battery you’re buying before checking Hoverboard charging time.


wheel size purchasing Hoverboard UK

Here comes the most important part of the Hoverboard that you need to consider.

There are different sizes of Hoverboard wheels ranging from 4 inches to 10 inches in diameter.

Smaller wheels are ideal for kids Hoverboards. These are suitable on smooth surfaces and indoor playing. Besides this, they are light in weight and easier to carry.

Due to the smaller wheel diameter, it becomes easier for kids and beginners to mount and dismount on the Hoverboard.

In contrast to this, larger diameter wheel sizes are ideal for adults and pro riders. Larger wheel Hoverboards are great for off-road surfaces. They give you a smooth and bump-free ride even on gravel surfaces. But they are very heavy to carry.

So if you are buying a Hoverboard for kids it is recommended to look for 6.5″ Hoverboards. Otherwise, for adult riders, 8 inches and 10-inches wheel size is better.


Which Hoverboard Should I Buy for My Kids Weight

Hoverboards come with minimum and maximum weight requirements. Usually, most Hoverboards can accommodate the maximum rider’s weight up to 120kg.

Having said this, it’s more important to factor in the minimum weight requirements between each Hoverboard models:

6.5″ Hoverboards: 25kg+

8.5″ Hoverboards: 35kg+

10″ Hoverboards: 45kg+

For more information, visit our helpful guide: which Hoverboard you should buy.


Additional Features

Shop Hoverboard with Bluetooth and Lights for Sale


Hoverboards without speakers are just fine if you don’t mind riding in silence. However, for fun and entertainment purposes, look for a Hoverboard that has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. These speakers can be easily connected with any device via Bluetooth so that you can enjoy music on the go.


Hoverboard LED lights give an attractive and catchy look to your Hoverboard. Besides this, these lights make you visible at night time so that you can ride safely.

There are some Hoverboards that have colourful flashing lights on the wheels, such hoverboards are perfect for kids.

On the other hand, Hoverboards for adults have bright LED lights on the fender and on the bumper, which are for safety purposes.


Wrapping up!

Buying the best Hoverboard should be a breeze now that we have covered pretty much every important feature that you should keep in mind while buying a Hoverboard. The most important thing is to keep a strict check on the safety certifications as safety cannot be compromised in any way. So long as you wear proper safety gear while riding a Hoverboard then your safety will be 100% guaranteed.


Also, check out our awesome selection of other safe and tested Hoverboards here.

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