The June Swegway Hoverboard Sale begins!

The June Swegway Hoverboard Sale begins! Get the best deals on the greatest Hoverboard products just in time for the Spring to Summer season. We have some excellent special offers exclusively at HOVERBOARD PRO. Purchase a Hoverboard for sale today and get the UK design Swegway to your door the very next day!

June Swegway Hoverboard Sale UK Hoverboards

June is our favourite time of year! June is the time which marks the beginning of summer for us and for most around the UK. it’s due to the weather getting significantly better during this month. Therefore, let the summer begin and the joys of riding your Hoverboard commence!

To make this month an even more special one, we are introducing some fresh deals. That way, you’ll be sure to purchase a UK Design Hoverboard for even less than our previously sold prices. Furthermore, customers who purchase from HOVERBOARD PRO get the added benefit of dealing with a reputable UK Hoverboard company. We don’t faff about with breaking deals anywhere else other than right here in England.

Therefore, as customers, you can be rest assured that the Hoverboard you purchase is bespoke designed for you. Nobody understands the needs of our UK consumers better than HOVERBOARD PRO when it comes to Hoverboards.

In this article we aim to highlight two key points. Firstly, we will outline some of the perks and benefits of why HOVERBOARD PRO is the UK’s best Hoverboard company. Secondly, we will outline some of our bets deals during the June Swegway Hoverboard Sale.


Why HOVERBOARD PRO? June Swegway Hoverboard Sale

When looking for a reputable Hoverboard Company, it’s difficult to instantly figure out which is the best Swegway company to choose. However, with more research in to companies out there, you’ll eventually find that HOVERBOARD PRO is the safest bet. So, why HOVERBOARD PRO?

To make it easy for you, we will outline just some of the key reasons as to why customers prefer to shop for Hoverboards with us:

  • 100% UK-BASED.
    We’re a UK-based company. Set up in our hometown of Leeds, West Yorkshire in 2015. As one of the longest establishing companies in the UK we have grown massively since. Furthermore, we’re one of the few legitimate companies that are UK and VAT registered. Customers know that we aren’t going anywhere any time soon. We aim to be the largest independent retailer of Swegways and Hoverboards in Great Britain.
  • 100% UK Compliant Hoverboards.
    All our Smart Boards from the June Swegway Hoverboard Sale are 100% UK Compliant. This means that our boards undergo strict testing processes by independent testing stations for full compliance certifications. Due to this, HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboards prides itself in supplying some of the UK’s safest Swegways on the market today.
  • Hoverboards from UK Design.
    HOVERBOARD PRO bespoke design Hoverboards in the UK before manufacturing. That way, we can guarantee that each Hoverboard is tailor-made to the UK consumer. We know what it takes to provide a UK SAFE gadget. Therefore, we have taken the design process in our own hands to ensure reliability and safety is at the core of our product.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
    We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year for all customers old and new. Customers can contact us on 0113 320 2299 or use the Live Chat service below.

June Swegway Hoverboard Sale

June Swegway Hoverboard Sale UK

To mark the unofficial start of Summer, we’re giving you even better value with our June Swegway Hoverboard Sale. Purchase a UK Swegway or Hoverboard for sale this month and take advantage of the best prices on genuine UK Swegways for sale.

Here are just some of the latest deals and special offers during our June Swegway Hoverboard Sale:

Each week we bring you special deal of the week offers to make your purchase all the more fruitful. Due to this, we recommend that customers visit HOVERBOARD PRO regularly to keep in loop of all the latest Hoverboard deals. However, we urge customers that if they see a deal, then grab it before the sale ends! Our countdown timer is here for a reason. Each night before midnight, our team do a stock-check. Our prices will fluctuate according to the stock available that evening. Therefore, our flash sale is only guaranteed while the countdown timer is still ticking.

So if you’re thinking of purchasing a Hoverboard then what are you waiting for? Grab yourself the best UK Swegway at our June Swegway Hoverboard Sale. Purchase before 2pm for guaranteed next day delivery!

Would you like more information about our June Swegway Hoverboard Sale? if so, get in touch with us by calling 0113 320 2299. Want to speak to a representative right away? Our Live Chat service is available 24/7 for immediate answers to your questions.


View our full range of Hoverboards at our online shop HERE.

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