Deal of the Week: Phoenix HX HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboard SALE

Check this months Deal of the Week special offer! The Phoenix HX HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboard Sale bring you the best 6.5 inch Hoverboard at an even cheaper price! Take advantage of the latest Hoverboard Sale at HOVERBOARD PRO today. Buy a Swegway today and get free next day delivery and 12-month warranty across the whole of UK Mainland.

Special Deal Phoenix HX HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboard SALE

The HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboard Sale brings a fresh new wave of special deals and offers this month. Our commitment to provide you with the best Hoverboard deals exclusively at HOVERBOARD PRO means we keep getting better. This June 2018, we have in store an even better deal than ever before! Our Phoenix HX Hoverboards include the latest 2018 technology. Therefore, such models have had major success since the beginning of 2018 and has been a big hitter for all weight-classes. This is mainly due to the 2018 self-levelling technology introduced to the HX Phoenix Hoverboard for sale.

Now, the HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboard Sale deal brings you even better value on the Phoenix HX Swegway range. In this article we will highlight a new special offer deal to get you up and ready for the Summer! Don’t forget that our special offers aren’t on forever. Purchase before the countdown clock ends to avoid disappointment! Furthermore, our HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboard Sale means that all purchases will come with FREE next day delivery and 12-month warranty.

Would you like more information about our HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboard Sale? If so, get in touch by either calling 0113 320 2299 or by using our Live Chat service below.

HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboard Sale

Deal Phoenix HX HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboard SALE

Each Self-Balancing Scooter sold during our HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboard Sale will include a number of perks. Here’s a few reasons why HOVERBOARD PRO is the UK’s #1 Hoverboard Seller:

  1. Est. 2015 as one of the first Swegway Hoverboard companies in the UK.
  2. 100% UK-BASED, company registered in the UK. We’re proud to be a wholly British Company. From our home-town of Leeds, West Yorkshire, we’ve expanded massively to supply UK consumers with the best Hoverboards across Great Britain.
  3. Hoverboards from UK Design. We design our Swegways with the consumer in mind. Our ethos is to provide bespoke Hoverboards for sale that are reliable and safe. By designing our Hoverboards ourselves, we’re able to guarantee that each component is bespoke selected to meet the highest benchmark of quality and safety.
  4. 100% UK STOCK. All our Hoverboards are from UK source. That way, HOVERBOARD PRO is able to guarantee each Hoverboard surpasses British Standards of safety. All boards are hand-picked only once they undergo strict testing here in England, UK.
  5. UK Compliant Safe Certifications. Each Hoverboard for sale undergoes independent testing here in the UK for full safety certification approvals. It is due to this that HOVERBOARD PRO continues to be the leading seller of UK SAFE Hoverboards and an advocate of safety.
  6. 12-month Warranty. Our Hoverboard warranty is in-house and UK-Based. Therefore, customers don’t need to send the Swegway across the world to have it repaired. Unlike eBay sellers, we are 100% British-Based, meaning that we are able to not only honour your warranty, but complete it quickly and efficiently.
  7. Next Day Delivery. In collaboration with DPD, our next day service is fantastic. Place your Hoverboard purchase before 2pm and receive your UK Swegway the next working day.

Phoenix HX: Hoverboard SALE

Deal Week Phoenix HX HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboard SALE UK

Now that we touched upon why HOVERBOARD PRO is the UK’s favourite place for Hoverboards, let’s talk about our Sale. The latest of our special offer range brings you the Phoenix HX HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboard. The Phoenix HX Swegway Pro Hoverboard Sale event reduces the price of our Bundle even further! Due to this, customers can now purchase a Phoenix HX Swegway and Hoverkart at unbelievable value!

What is the Phoenix HX Swegway Pro?

The Phoenix HX Swegway Pro Hoverboard is our latest 6.5 inch model. The curvy design of this Self-Balancing Scooter makes it a truly unique piece of kit. Due to the unique curvature of the Phoenix HX Swegway Pro, customers will have an even greater ground clearance than its predecessor. Furthermore, the LED lights of the Phoenix HX Swegway Pro features an elongated and more eye-catching design.

As well as this, the HX Hoverboard includes built-in Bluetooth Speakers. One of the most striking features of this model however is the 2018 self-levelling technology. Regular Hoverboards for sale do not have this feature. Upon powering on the Swegway, the auto-levelling system will instantly activate the gyroscopes, allowing any rider of any weight category to enjoy it.

Therefore, the Phoenix HX Hoverboard for sale is suitable for anybody, making it the most dynamic and strikingly beautiful 6.5 inch Hoverboard for sale yet.

Phoenix HX Hoverboard & Go-Kart Deal SALE

CARBON Phoenix HX Hoverboard UK Swegway and Kart Sale

This month we introduce the biggest bundle special offer to date! The Phoenix HX Hoverboard and Go-Kart deal is on sale at a reduced price. There is simply no better time to purchase a Swegway Hoverboard and Go-Kart bundle than NOW.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie and wish to maximise your fun on a Hoverboard, then this special offer is a perfect one for you, Convert your Hoverboard in to a Go-Kart with the latest Phoenix Hoverkart bundle. Simply attach the Phoenix HX HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboard for sale to the Hoverkart and away you go.

Over the years, the Hoverkart attachment has been the single most popular Hoverboard accessory. Riders can now control the Swegway by simply using the handlebars, sat down like a Go-Kart racer!

And thanks to our BIG HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboard Sale, the Phoenix HX Swegway and Hoverkart Bundle is now even further reduced! BUY a HX Hoverboard and Go-Kart Bundle for as little as £254.99. Furthermore, each purchase comes with our exclusive perks as outlined above, such as FREE next day delivery and 1-year warranty.

Would you like more information about our Phoenix HX Hoverboard & Go-Kart deal sale? If so, get in touch by calling us on 0113 320 2299. Our lines are open 24/7. Need immediate assistance? then why not use our Live Chat service below to speak to an agent immediately.


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