UK Swegways - coming soon

NEW UK Swegways for Spring 2016!

UK Swegways for Spring 2016!


UK Swegways - coming soon

HOVERBOARD-PRO UK are excited to announce that due to an extremely high demand in our official HOVERBOARD-PRO UK range, we are re-stocking with a full range of new Spring 2016 designs, with even more advanced technology!


UK Swegways 2016

UK Swegways - Camo

HOVERBOARD-PRO UK are excited to introduce a whole new design; the Camo Swegway. Be different and stand out with the all-new army style design. More durable then ever, our new range of Swegways now come with KEY technology as well as benefitting from our 12 month warranty service.

Enjoy your Spring in style, or be prepared for this summer with the beautifully designed 2016 UK Swegway range. Please note that these Swegways are for a limited time only, with limited stock availability, to ensure that our customers truly benefit from a unique and special product.

Camouflage UK Hoverboards 2016

2016 UK Swegway - Camo

You might have friends or family that already own a UK Swegway. The chances are, the colours are all the same; black, blue, white, and so on…

This is why here at HOVERBOARD-PRO UK we have decided that our customers deserve something different. Therefore, we have teamed up with our designers to introduce a whole new design just for you!

Our Army Camouflage UK Swegways are due to arrive this Spring, April 2016! Don’t miss out, hold your horses, and wait for it. Because not only are they boards unique, but we only have a truly limited number of stock.

UK Swegways with KEY Technology

Coming very soon, all our UK Swegways will have the latest KEY technology.

UK Swegway with Key

Due to popular demand, our UK Swegway team have been working hard to finally come to terms with our customers demands. Previously, we have noted that we weren’t too comfortable offering a technology which we couldn’t guarantee the reliability for. Since then, HOVERBOARD-PRO UK have been working tirelessly to ensure that our UK Swegway with Key technology didn’t just meet, but finally surpassed the reliability factor in which we pride ourselves over.

We are now proud to announce that all our UK Swegways will come with KEY technology this Spring 2016!

“The Best UK Swegway Company”

Take advantage of our unique HOVERBOARD-PRO customer satisfaction guarantee! each board includes FREE next day delivery, 12 month warranty, complete aftercare and repair services. In addition to this, all our products have been MSDS inspected to ensure that the materials we use are safe to UK and European standards, with UK fused plugs and CE certification.

We base our success due to being the most trusted UK Swegway sellers nationwide, offering incomparable customer service and attention to detail and the safest hoverboards around the country.

Get to know more by contacting us on 0113 320 2299 or filling in the contact form here.

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