The Official Hoverkart Retailer

The Official Hoverkart Retailer

Official Hoverkarts for Sale…

We at Swegway Pro UK are excited to be making a big announcement… A brand new product available now! If you’ve checked our online store you can see we now have the latest UK accessory for sale – the Original Hoverkart!

Official Hoverkart Retailer

We’re proud to announce our new range of genuine British Hoverkarts available to buy for all of our UK customers. Not only will it undoubtedly be one of the hottest gadgets of 2017, but also the perfect accessory kit for your UK Swegway or Hoverboard!


Cheap Official Hoverkarts For Sale UK

Cheap Official Hoverkarts For Sale In The UK

Here at Swegway Pro UK we’ve been committed to bringing premium Swegways and Hoverboards to British customers; not only have we continuously delivered great products but we’ve also provided amazing savings!


With the arrival of our new Hoverkart for sale, we’ll still be bringing you the best deals in the UK. Aside from the usual savings that Swegway Pro UK provide, we have upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions to give you even more amazing deals on the latest UK Hoverkarts for sale.


If that wasn’t enough, you can still take advantage of our free next-day UK delivery on all of our products while stocks last. Look no further than Swegway Pro UK for your genuine UK Hoverkart!


Swegway Kit: Original UK Hoverkart For Sale

Swegway Kit: Original UK Hoverkart For Sale

The Swegway has proven to be one of the most in-demand popular gadget the world has seen for some time. Countless customers across the UK have made one of the best choices of the year by purchasing a Premium UK Hoverboard from Swegway Pro UK – and they have not been disappointed!


But now it’s time to revolutionise your Swegway experience with one of the hottest accessories in the UK: the Official Hoverkart! The Hoverkart can transform your UK Swegway into a racing-style Go Kart in a matter of minutes – the Hoverkart’s unique locking sensor and simple single-frame design means that anyone can use it.


Whether you’re looking to make your Swegway experience more comfortable, fun or just looking for something new, the Hoverkart is the right choice for you… and HOVERBOARD-PRO UK is the right place to make that choice! Head over to our online store now to see the best deals in the UK on genuine Hoverkarts for sale, Swegways, Balance Boards and more!


Buy the New Official Hoverkart Now!

Buy The New Official Hoverkart Now

We’re sure many of you have already had the chance on some of the hottest gadgets of 2016 – in particular the UK Swegways and Hoverboards; but now, HOVERBOARD-PRO UK are bringing something completely new to the UK Balance Board game… The original Hoverkart!


HOVERBOARD-PRO UK officially have a line of Hoverkarts for sale at our online store; the Official Hoverkart model is the perfect accessory kit to innovate your UK Swegway or Hoverboard into an even cooler racing Go Kart!


All of our products are stocked locally so you can buy your brand new Premium Balance Board and have it delivered straight to your UK address the very next day. Furthermore, we test all our products personally so that all of our valued customers receive a safe, reliable and high quality product.


So don’t waste anymore time and check out our range of UK Swegways and Hoverkarts for sale now! Buy now and you can still make amazing savings in time for Christmas and the new year… what are you waiting for?!


The Original Hoverkart for UK Hoverboards & Swegways

The Original Hoverkart for UK Hoverboards & Swegways

At HOVERBOARD-PRO UK we’re dedicated to bringing our customers more value for their money when they purchase a UK Swegway or Hoverboard. With the release of our new UK Hoverkart for sale, we will continue to bring all of our customer’s premium UK products with exceptional service!


All of our products go through a vigorous testing process to ensure they meet our extremely high benchmark for safety and durability. As well as this they undergo further testing for quality and performance to make sure you’re getting the best product on the market. This is why we stock all of our products in the UK, so we can carry out these tests personally ourselves and guarantee safety and quality.


If you’re looking for an official Hoverkart in the UK, look no further than Swegway Pro UK. You can still take advantage of our free next-day UK delivery while stocks last; just head over to our online store to browse our range of premium, British Hoverboards, Swegways and brand new Hoverkarts!


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